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Recommended Reading: A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

I recently received an interesting newsletter from TweedleWink Right Brain Kids introducing an interesting book that caught my attention: “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink.   And this is the story that caught my attention: Teaching Science… The Right Brain Way Mr. Jordan and Mr. Brown were good friends. They were both science teachers at Lincoln HighContinue reading “Recommended Reading: A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink”

Right Brain Activities for Home Practice – Number Memory

Want to learn more about Right Brain Education and how to practice at home with your child? Subscribe to our free newsletter and get a bonus Right Brain Education activity manual free! Number Memory is one of the activities done in Heguru. This is how it works: Give the child a piece of paper and a pencil. ShowContinue reading “Right Brain Activities for Home Practice – Number Memory”

BabyTalk Magazine Article: The Top 3 Right Brain Schools

This is my third article on BabyTalk on the Top 3 Right Brain Schools in the November publication. See my second article on Right Brain Education Unveiled for more about Right Brain Education. BabyTalk is a friendly resource to guide and support expecting and new moms manage the challenges of the most life-changing event inContinue reading “BabyTalk Magazine Article: The Top 3 Right Brain Schools”

Right Brain Education: Right Brain Kids Wink Program

I’ve been asked what’s a good “all-in-one” right brain education package to buy. Where can we find a package that comes complete with Mandala exercises, space memory, linking memory, eye exercises, imaging – in other words the whole nine yards? Unfortunately, I have yet to come across a right brain package that includes all ofContinue reading “Right Brain Education: Right Brain Kids Wink Program”

Right Brain Education: The Power of Imaging

There was another video from Mr Hirotada Henmi after the boys’ last class at Heguru. As always, the recording has been translated from Japanese and this is my interpretation of what was explained: Once you open up the right brain, the next step is to develop its image power. What’s the value of imaging? InContinue reading “Right Brain Education: The Power of Imaging”

Understanding Right Brain Education

This is a really great insight into Right Brain Education from Pamela Hickein (founder of Right Brain Kids – TweedleWink/Wink) for anyone who wanted to understand more about it. The Q&A is from the perspective of TweedleWink and Wink programs by Right Brain Kids, however, much of the parts about right brain development are relevantContinue reading “Understanding Right Brain Education”