Articles on Preschool, Homeschool, Traditional Schooling

The Great Debate Why Homeschool? Why Not Homeschool? Are Schools Destroying Our Children’s Creativity? The Socialisation Myth Should You Teach Your Child at Home? What if He’s Bored at School? Homeschooling These are homeschool curricula that we reviewed. There is a whole lot more available that we didn’t get to because we ended up choosingContinue reading “Articles on Preschool, Homeschool, Traditional Schooling”

BabyTalk Magazine Article: The Top 3 Right Brain Schools

This is my third article on BabyTalk on the Top 3 Right Brain Schools in the November publication. See my second article on Right Brain Education Unveiled for more about Right Brain Education. BabyTalk is a friendly resource to guide and support expecting and new moms manage the challenges of the most life-changing event inContinue reading “BabyTalk Magazine Article: The Top 3 Right Brain Schools”

Evaluating the Curriculum Standards at School

My last post on researching International Schools in Kuala Lumpur has generated quite a number of comments on the quality and standards of the teaching curriculum at certain International Schools. One in particular that caught my attention was by Susie who expressed her dissatisfaction with Tenby International School because they were teaching the IPC (InternationalContinue reading “Evaluating the Curriculum Standards at School”

British International School Kuala Lumpur

British International School Kuala Lumpur, otherwise known as BSKL, has been in operation for the last 8 months.  Currently, they are located in Bukit Utama within The Club, just off Jalan Surian.  It isn’t a particularly convenient location to get to, but they will be moving to their new facilities at the commencement of theContinue reading “British International School Kuala Lumpur”

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