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Education in a Pandemic: Virtual Threats to Online Learning

Covid-19 has changed the way our children are learning. As we adapt to new learning methods, education in a pandemic presents some challenges we must all learn to overcome. The following article is written by Evan Dumas, Regional Director, South East Asia, ‎Check Point Software Technologies. I thought it was worth sharing in light of variousContinue reading “Education in a Pandemic: Virtual Threats to Online Learning”

Screen-Time Detox Program for the Boys

During our holiday to Singapore I have been rather lax with screen time. I gave the boys a free reign on the iPad and iPod during the car ride down and whenever they were “bored” because they had to “wait”. I figured it was easier to lug a couple of devices rather than bringing a wholeContinue reading “Screen-Time Detox Program for the Boys”

Potential vs Passion

A while back, I wrote an article about teaching our children to live passionately. In it, I made references to “passion” and “potential” where the two appear almost synonymous. Unfortunately, the relationship isn’t quite so straightforward because while you might have the potential to be great at something, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you willContinue reading “Potential vs Passion”

Guest Post: Benefits of Early Education for Your Children

The following article is a guest post written by Christine Rudolph. About Christine Christine Rudolph is an enthusiastic blogger who spends her entire day writing. She is also an avid reader and loves to share quality content from the web with her friends and followers. Her forte is early childhood education, and parenting, keeping aContinue reading “Guest Post: Benefits of Early Education for Your Children”

Christmas Fun for 2012

Generally, I don’t really approve of the whole commercialisation of special occasions and I try not to get drawn into it. I’m completely unromantic about Valentine’s day (no flowers please! But if you must, a box of chocolates won’t go astray…) and my reaction to Christmas is sort of the same. When he was quiteContinue reading “Christmas Fun for 2012”

Art Activities: Painting Fun in the Sun

Every now and then I get these flashes of inspiration and I just have to act on them. Like recently, I hatched a brilliant plan to cover up our balcony so the boys could spend a bit more time out there. The problem with apartment balconies these days are the restrictions applied so that youContinue reading “Art Activities: Painting Fun in the Sun”

Character Development: Social Grace

Some time back, hubby and I were watching Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong is one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature. It is a historical embellishment of a period in Chinese history containing both elements of fiction and non-fiction. See the Preview.Continue reading “Character Development: Social Grace”