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2017 Chinese New Year Fun for Kids

Chinese New Year is around the corner again and it’s time to celebrate with fun and games and food! Here are some of the activities we planned for the kids this year. Chinese New Year Stories In past years, the kids learn about the story of Nian and the Race of the Chinese Zodiac atContinue reading “2017 Chinese New Year Fun for Kids”

Holidays and Celebrations: Happy Easter for 2013!

Happy Easter for 2013! Aristotle recently watched Rise of the Guardians again and I saw it for the first time in its entirety. It would seem that kids these days are being taught that Easter is about the Easter bunny and an Easter egg hunt. So I corrected Aristotle’s distorted view of Easter and educated himContinue reading “Holidays and Celebrations: Happy Easter for 2013!”

Festivals: Winter Solstice 2012

The first time I celebrated the Winter Solstice festival (also called D?ngzhì Festival) was after I got married. Back then, I knew nothing about this festival and mistakenly called it the Spring Harvest Festival – but you can still see what practices are followed by clicking the link. The boys are usually present for such festivals, butContinue reading “Festivals: Winter Solstice 2012”

Christmas Fun for 2012

Generally, I don’t really approve of the whole commercialisation of special occasions and I try not to get drawn into it. I’m completely unromantic about Valentine’s day (no flowers please! But if you must, a box of chocolates won’t go astray…) and my reaction to Christmas is sort of the same. When he was quiteContinue reading “Christmas Fun for 2012”