The New Face of Titiwangsa Park

Finally took the boys to visit the newly refurbished Titiwangsa Park that we have been waiting for for so long. Just when I thought the boys had outgrown this sort of thing, I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm they showed when I said we were going. It turns out they aren’t bored with playgrounds;Continue reading “The New Face of Titiwangsa Park”

Jungle School – A Forest School in Malaysia

We were introduced to Jungle School when G2 was in EYC. It was a new initiative championed by G2’s class teacher who had a very positive experience with the forest schools in the UK. I confess that I loved the idea right from the outset. There was no need to convince me why we neededContinue reading “Jungle School – A Forest School in Malaysia”

Attack of the Killer Plants! How to Kill Two Birds with One Stone…

“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” – Mohandas K. Gandhi There was an article in The HuffPost recently about how we are the last generation of children that played outside. You might argue that this isn’t entirely true – the kids do go outside and they do playContinue reading “Attack of the Killer Plants! How to Kill Two Birds with One Stone…”

Orienteering: Great Outdoor Activity for Children

With less children connecting with nature and getting outdoors, orienteering may be just the activity we need to turn that tide. What is Orienteering? It is an activity that requires orienteers to find specific sites in the landscape using a detailed map and compass. Orienteers must visit each control site and verify their visit by collecting unique markers from eachContinue reading “Orienteering: Great Outdoor Activity for Children”

Fun Activities: The Magic of Sand Play

Sand Play is Good for Children Here are 8 reasons why: It is an open-ended medium – children learn the most when faced with open-ended questions and open-ended tasks; and it is appropriate no matter the skill or cognitive level of the child. It stretches the imagination It promotes physical development – fine and gross motor skillsContinue reading “Fun Activities: The Magic of Sand Play”

Sights and Sounds: FRIM – Canopy Walk

In a bid to get the boys outdoors a little more so they can enjoy the benefits of nature, we took them to FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute Malaysia) so they could experience the canopy walk. After watching the movie Epic and becoming besotted with the idea of being leafmen, it wasn’t hard to convince them toContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: FRIM – Canopy Walk”

What are the Benefits of Nature on the Cognitive, Emotional, and Physical Health and Development of Children?

I fell down recently and took skin off both knees. It was quite nasty. Aristotle and Hercules were in awe of my wounds. Most probably because they have never sustained such injuries before and that got me thinking… When I was Hercules’ age, I had already experienced my fair share of grazed knees. So hadContinue reading “What are the Benefits of Nature on the Cognitive, Emotional, and Physical Health and Development of Children?”

Art Activities: Painting Fun in the Sun

Every now and then I get these flashes of inspiration and I just have to act on them. Like recently, I hatched a brilliant plan to cover up our balcony so the boys could spend a bit more time out there. The problem with apartment balconies these days are the restrictions applied so that youContinue reading “Art Activities: Painting Fun in the Sun”

Activities: Sherbrooke Forest

If you’re wondering about the silence, it’s because we took a trip down under…  One of the things I really miss about Australia is the great outdoors. You don’t have to go far to be immersed in greenery – something we sorely lack back home. One of the first places we visited was Sherbrooke Forest.Continue reading “Activities: Sherbrooke Forest”

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