Art Fun: Fruit and Veggie Stamping

This was what the boys got up to when they spent a weekend at grandma’s house… Vegetable Stamping This is a really easy activity. The boys used a potato and okra for their prints but you can also use other fruits and vegetables. The cut base of some Celery offers an easy way to create a lovely flowerContinue reading “Art Fun: Fruit and Veggie Stamping”

Abstract Art Fun – Exploring Colours…

Childhood creativity leads to innovation in adulthood… so I decided it was time to dig out our canvases and paints again for a bit of abstract art fun… G2 painted “Mountains at Sunset” – the title was given by me since that’s what it looks like to me. I was out of fresh canvases, soContinue reading “Abstract Art Fun – Exploring Colours…”

Activity Books: Magic Painting

Now who remembers these? I haven’t seen one of these since I was a child… Aristotle attended a birthday party recently and came home with one of these in his party bag. These “paint with water” books have special pages that turn to colour when you apply water with a brush to them.   TheseContinue reading “Activity Books: Magic Painting”

Art Activities: Painting Fun in the Sun

Every now and then I get these flashes of inspiration and I just have to act on them. Like recently, I hatched a brilliant plan to cover up our balcony so the boys could spend a bit more time out there. The problem with apartment balconies these days are the restrictions applied so that youContinue reading “Art Activities: Painting Fun in the Sun”

Toddler Activities: Art for the Lazy Mum – Part 2

Read Part 1 here. Hercules likes to paint as well. Unfortunately, he is not nearly as disciplined as Aristotle when it comes to cleaning up after himself. He is also much more adept at creating a mess. Since our new shower is not quite so easy-clean-friendly (concrete walls instead of tiles), I have had toContinue reading “Toddler Activities: Art for the Lazy Mum – Part 2”

Art: T-Shirt Painting with Puffy Paints

Gavin’s got a dress-up day coming up at school soon. The theme is Malaysia Day. Not knowing what to dress him up as, I pondered taking a trip to Central Market to buy him an “I Love Malaysia” t-shirt to wear. Then I had this brilliant idea – why don’t we paint a batik shirtContinue reading “Art: T-Shirt Painting with Puffy Paints”

Toddler Activities: Art for the Lazy Mum

Aristotle loves to paint. Unfortunately, I hate to clean up.  So until recently, it was always with great reluctance that I would bring out the paints.  I even tried to minimise the mess by using Crayola Mess Free Finger Paints and Faber-Castell Water Colour Pencils in order to satisfy Aristotle’s need to paint and myContinue reading “Toddler Activities: Art for the Lazy Mum”

Toddler Activities: Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencils

Since Gavin’s been on holidays, he’s been very bored cooped up indoors with Gareth and me.  With Gareth being a high needs baby, I haven’t really been able to devote a lot of time to Gavin.  My ILs have been really great taking Gavin out at every chance they get just to offer him someContinue reading “Toddler Activities: Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencils”

An Art Session with New Stamps

Although Gavin was down with a fever for much of last week, we did manage to get quite a number of activities in.  We started the week with an art session.  After the last session, I decided to give the painting sessions a break because it seemed like Gavin was getting bored of the activity. Continue reading “An Art Session with New Stamps”

Art Classes from a Medical Student

A friend of mine who is a medical student and soon to be qualified doctor gave me some very interesting ideas and tips for conducting an art class.  Although I haven’t yet tried these ideas out on Gavin, I thought it worth while to blog about them for other parents who might be interested toContinue reading “Art Classes from a Medical Student”

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