Product: Grolier Smart Brain Training CD ROMs

Since Gavin is about to complete the Logico Piccolo set, I decided to see what else was new at Grolier and discovered that they had a new product – Smart Brain Training. It is developed by Educ@migos and distributed in Malaysia by Grolier. They have two products – Smart Brain Pro and Smart Brain Games.

The concept of Smart Brain Pro is similar to Lumosity where they have found that with proper brain training, anyone, regardless of age, gender, or educational background, can sharpen their memory, achieve clearer and faster thinking and problem-solving skills, increase their mental alertness and awareness, and improve their concentration. Brain training improves all-round life skills so we can remember names and faces, prepare for sports competitions, study for academic test, learn new instruments and languages. It has also been found to be beneficial for individuals recovering from disease or accident-related brain injuries.

Grolier only sells the Smart Brain Games package. It is designed for adults and children alike, containing games for the very young to the elderly. It comes in a set of 10 CD ROMs. Each CD ROM contains 7 games with 10 levels each. In all, there are over 2000 puzzles to solve. All games have been scientifically tested to develop the following mental activities:

1. Memory
2. Calculus
3. Attention
4. Language
5. Recognition
6. Orientation
7. Executive functions

This is a complete list of the games they have on each disc:

Volume 1

  • Completing additions
  • Shapes bingo
  • Remembering faces
  • Picture puzzle
  • Remembering names of objects
  • Naming monuments
  • Looking for the ball

Volume 2

  • Asian countries
  • Drawing puzzle
  • Objects bingo
  • Placing the letters
  • Count Passing numbers
  • Recognising silhouettes
  • Placing the names of colours

Volume 3

  • Remembering letter matrices
  • Recognising flags
  • Repeating the sounds
  • Remembering the names of shapes
  • Remembering colours
  • Pairing objects
  • Letter series

Volume 4

  • Remembering sounds
  • Locating European cities
  • Naming professions
  • Rejecting letters
  • American cities
  • Shape series
  • Pairing countries and flags

Volume 5

  • Copying the model
  • Count moving shapes
  • Letter search
  • Placing the flags
  • Count passing objects
  • Clockc range
  • Placing the names of numbers

Volume 6

  • Solving subtractions
  • Recognising numbers
  • Division series
  • Pairing numbers and names
  • Amounts of objects
  • Additions bingo
  • Balancing additions

Volume 7

  • Addition series
  • Finding the copied drawing
  • Completing subtractions
  • Rejecting shapes
  • Repeating a sequence of shapes
  • Flag series
  • Asian cities

Volume 8

  • Ordering words
  • Object search
  • Remembering names of colours
  • Remembering names of shapes
  • Pairing shapes and names
  • Pairing synonyms
  • Discover the city name

Volume 9

  • Finding the odd drawing
  • Ordering dates
  • Locating European countries
  • Locating objects
  • Locating American Cities
  • Time range
  • What time is it?

Volume 10

  • Remembering number matrices
  • Recognising sources of sounds
  • Remembering shapes
  • Recognising letters
  • Recognising objects
  • Pairing flags
  • Repeating a sequence of colours

Here are a sample of some of the games:


Placing the letters (very similar to the right brain training space memory but with letters of the alphabet):

Remembering faces:

Naming Monuments:

Look for the ball:

Objects bingo:

You can opt to play the games individually or do a test containing a sample of all the games on each CD ROM in the form of a test. My only gripe with this is that you have to be able to play all the games to do the test. The games are not ordered by age competency. In other words, a child of Gavin’s experience would not be able to play all the games in any single CD ROM so he would not be able to use the “test” function.

It is an interesting series of brain games which may be more appropriate for younger children as compared to the activities on lumosity.


Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of (a website on parenting, education, child development) and (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

13 thoughts on “Product: Grolier Smart Brain Training CD ROMs

  1. Hi Shen-Li,

    I’m interested in buying the logico piccolo for my 7yo son. But they don’t sell it here in Indonesia. How much is it in Malaysia? Maybe I can get it shipped. Thanks.


    1. Hi Elysa,

      I’m not sure exactly how much it costs because I bought it as a package. Grolier recommends buying it as part of a package because it reduces the overall cost of the product. I am not sure of it’s stand-alone price. Shipping could be quite costly as well because it’s heavy. I thought they have a Grolier office in Indonesia? There are alternaties to Piccolo. It is called Phinken. Try looking for that in Indonesia. It might be cheaper than having the Logico shipped.


  2. I bought the fun thinkers before I found out about your blog. I asked Grolier but they don’t have Logico products. But I found individual sellers in Indonesia from ttp:// that sell the product. They have 5 sets for Logico Piccolo. 2 English, 2 Math, and 1 Gen Knowledge. Each has 10 books with 16 chapters inside plus the Logico board. Is this correct? As for Phinken, I tried googling it and search it in multiply but couldn’t find any info in Indonesia.


    1. Based on the photos, I think it looks the same except for packaging. Maybe it is a different edition? Is that the price? It looks very cheap in comparison.

      What we got:
      – the board
      – English has 4 books (16 cards in each)
      – Math has 8 books (16 cards in each)
      – Brain Development has 8 books (16 cards in each)


  3. I just contacted the seller. Turns out that it’s published in Indonesia under Grolier license and the product is in Indonesian, not English. Guess I need to search some more. Maybe when I go to KL or Singapore, I can purchase from them there. Thanks Shen-Li.


  4. i bought smartbrain grolier from book fair in PWTC Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I could not access the cd due to error 42 on my laptop. i am very dissappointed for not being assist after several call made to Grolier (Malaysia) sdn bhd. can you please help me? thank you.


    1. Hi Adingku – I’m not familiar with the error 42. We haven’t had any problems running the CDs on our computer. Have you tried emailing them as well? Whenever I have had trouble in the past, I did call them up and the issues were resolved. I hope you find a solution soon.


  5. Hello,

    I have purchased the whole set but have lost 1st cd and therefore unable to install the program. Can this be downloaded from anywhere?


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