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Fun and Games: Break Out Tent

Over the weekend, the kids had a fundraising event at their school. It reminded me of the school fetes we used to have back in Australia. Every year, the school runs this event where the whole school is turned into a carnival cum market place. There are lots of stalls with games, bouncy castles, andContinue reading “Fun and Games: Break Out Tent”

Puzzle Games – Monument Valley

If you’ve been following Season 3 of House of Cards then you may have already heard about Monument Valley… While I’m sure the game received a huge boost to be featured on such a popular TV series, it really is a great game worthy of its own accolades. I downloaded it for G1 but G2’s reallyContinue reading “Puzzle Games – Monument Valley”

Learning to Work Together with the Get Along Shirt

The “get along” shirt has been going around on the Internet for some time now and while it sounded like a good idea, I have never tried it before. But when my cousin started waxing lyrical about how well it worked with her boys, I decided to give it a go… The boys had come to me, yetContinue reading “Learning to Work Together with the Get Along Shirt”

The Art of Learning – Birth of a Chessmaster…

…okay, maybe not. When G1 was younger and interested in learning chess, I bought The Art of Learning: Chessmaster – Grandmaster Edition. Back then, the dream was to groom the next Magnus Carlsen and what better way to start than to let G1 get acquainted with International Chessmaster Josh Waitzkin who offers a one-on-one crash course in chessContinue reading “The Art of Learning – Birth of a Chessmaster…”

Fun Activities: Let’s Play Squabble!

This is a really fun game that G1’s trainer at myBrainLab taught him after his brain training session one day. It’s called Squabble and it is basically a sort of modified Scrabble. G1’s absolutely mad about this game so I thought I would share it. It’s also a really fun way to increase vocabulary and improve onContinue reading “Fun Activities: Let’s Play Squabble!”

Working Memory Trainer: Pizza Master App

This is an interesting app we stumbled upon that is a really fun way to train your brain – particularly your working memory which we know is one of the qualities that successful individuals possess. Pizza Master by Ma Chi Aim of the Game You are running a take-away pizza joint. Each day (equivalent to one level),Continue reading “Working Memory Trainer: Pizza Master App”

Fun Activities

Busy Boxes Introducing the Busy Box Magnetic Board Activity 16 Montessori Ideas for the Busy Box Projects Night Sky Constellations Lego and Construction Models Art and Craft Going Offline with Your Child’s Favourite Characters Abstract Art Fun – exploration of colours and textures Batik Painting T-Shirt Painting Water Colours Introduction to Finger Paints Mess-Free Art –Continue reading “Fun Activities”

Travel Fun: Easy, Screen-Free Games to Play When You’re Travelling with the Kids

It’s the holiday season and many families are probably travelling or planning to travel. With all that time in transit for the kids to get bored, I thought it would be great to compile a list of “screen-free” activities and games to play so that the kids don’t have to be glued to their iPadsContinue reading “Travel Fun: Easy, Screen-Free Games to Play When You’re Travelling with the Kids”