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Review: Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Kits

Since Gavin’s mad obsession with dinosaurs, we have tried three different dinosaur fossil excavation kits and this is what we think… Dinosaur Dig by Edu-Science This was the first one we tried. We bought it from Toys ‘R’ Us and costs RM56.95. The plastic bones are set in plaster of Paris (I know it doesn’tContinue reading “Review: Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Kits”

Little Reader Wins Another Two Awards!

BrillKids has won another two awards for Little Reader Deluxe: Mom’s Best Network The National Parenting Center About Mom’s Best Award Mom’s Best Award (MBA) was created to give moms and expecting moms an opportunity to share insights about prenatal, infants, toddlers, children, tween, preteen and teen products with other parents. When a product earnsContinue reading “Little Reader Wins Another Two Awards!”

Product: Grolier Smart Brain Training CD ROMs

Since Gavin is about to complete the Logico Piccolo set, I decided to see what else was new at Grolier and discovered that they had a new product – Smart Brain Training. It is developed by Educ@migos and distributed in Malaysia by Grolier. They have two products – Smart Brain Pro and Smart Brain Games.Continue reading “Product: Grolier Smart Brain Training CD ROMs”

Cool Science: The Periodic Table and Mad Science

If you downloaded my Periodic Table Elements 1-10 from the Figur8 General Knowledge Flash Cards Resource Page, you would have noticed those very cool element pictures I borrowed from the Internet. Well, they come from Theodore Gray’s Periodic Table. And if you loved the pictures, you will be delighted to know that he sells themContinue reading “Cool Science: The Periodic Table and Mad Science”

Update: Right Brain Education Resources for Home Practice

Practicing right brain activities at home with your child can be very time consuming especially when you have to make all your materials yourself. Unfortunately, Heguru doesn’t sell much aside from puzzles and Shichida only sells their materials to parents with children attending their school. I’ve written about resources for right brain education home practiceContinue reading “Update: Right Brain Education Resources for Home Practice”

Product Review: Fun Thinkers

I mentioned some time back that one of the other products I bought from Grolier was their Fun Thinkers puzzle game.  Well, here it is… Similar to the Piccolo puzzle, it comes with books covering three categories – Math, English, and Thinking Skills. To play the puzzle, you set up 16 tiles in number orderContinue reading “Product Review: Fun Thinkers”

Review: Combi Urban Baby Carrier

Here’s another two-in-one baby carrier / diaper bag – it’s the Combi Urban Baby Carrier. Like the Kemby Side-Kick, it is also a side carry.  The main advantage of Combi over the Kemby Side-Kick is that it is much more affordable.  I saw it at The First Few Years retailing at RM 229.  It isContinue reading “Review: Combi Urban Baby Carrier”

Review: Cloth Pull-Up Diapers

With Gavin’s on-off potty training progress, I decided to buy him some cloth diaper pull-ups last year before I delivered Gareth.  To be honest, I was expecting him to regress even further once Gareth was born, though I’m glad to say that he’s faring quite well so far.  I bought him 3 Happy Heiny’s pocketContinue reading “Review: Cloth Pull-Up Diapers”