Activities: Jurong Bird Park – Singapore

On Saturday, we took the boys to Jurong Bird Park since they were still in Angry Bird fever.

We initially gave Gavin the choice of seeing the brand new Aquarium or Jurong Bird Park and he adamently chose the bird park despite the fact that the rest of us wanted to see the aquarium. 10 minutes into the Bird Park, Gavin couldn’t tolerate the “bird smell” and decided that we should go to the aquarium where it wouldn’t smell so bad. Since we paid S$61 to get into the bird park, we weren’t about to make a beeline for the exit without at least making a decent attempt to see some birds so that we did to the very vocal protests of Gavin who grudgingly plodded on with fingers plugged into his nose to block out the smells. And despite his relentless pleas to leave “now!”, we managed to identify a couple of penguin species and learn a few facts about pelicans.

Gareth, as all toddlers are famous for, fell asleep just before we got to the bird park. Thankfully, he woke up before we left and managed to see some of the birds and enjoy the train ride around the park. He seemed to enjoy the colourful birds most probably because the Angry Birds are also brightly coloured.

We saw the Blue Macaw (which is actually called the Hyacinth Macaw) and the “evil” cockatoo from the movie Rio (watch the clip).

Between this recent trip and our last visit, we have finally made it all the way around the park – thankfully, because it doesn’t sound like Gavin is in any hurry for a third visit.


  • picture taking with colourful birds (not really sure what they are – macaws, parrots, parakeets, and/or lorrikeets?)
  • Window on Paradise – 40 meter tree top walkway on two levels where you can walk among the birds and feed them
  • Shows: Birds and Buddies show, The Early Bird Breakfast show (only on weekends and public holidays), King of the Skies show, Lunch with Parrots
  • Aviaries: there are three free flight aviaries – African Waterfall, Jungle Jewels, and Lory Loft
  • World of Darkness – a special exhibit that allows you to see the owls up close and personal at their most active
  • Dinosaur Descendants – they have a dino dig so your child can “experience” what a paleontologist does first hand

Tickets for adults are S$23 per entry (includes the train ride) and children S$15 (includes the train ride). Children below 3 years are free. If you are travelling with young children, it is a good idea to get the train ride because you can always catch the train back to the entrance/exit if the children get tired. Alternatively, you can hire the gophers (which we saw one family do).

For a more educational experience, you should enquire about the Bird Discovery Center.

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