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School Holiday Fun – Jungle Gym Hopping

The school holidays are upon us and we’re stuck with the same old dilemma – how do we keep the kids busy and stay sane at the same time? Well, we got off to a good start with some healthy, wholesome fun with a visit to Roller Sports, the Jungle Gym, and a trip to Kizsports which we haven’t been back to in a really long time. Surprisingly, G2 still remembers the place. When he told me he wanted to visit the Jungle Gym on the top floor of Bangsar Village, I assumed he was confused and meant Bangsar Shopping Center. It seems I was the one who was confused because he gave me an almost exasperated, “Yes! This one!” when we finally made it to the gate of Kizsports. Whoops.

The penny finally dropped when I remembered that Kizsports has a longer series of tunnels – G2 has been insisting that he wanted to go tunneling at a “real place”…

Kizsports Jungle Gym

It’s been a while since we did the whole Jungle Gym crawl (as opposed to a “pub crawl”) or Jungle Gym Hopping if you prefer another term for it. Whatever you want to call it you can’t deny the enormous benefits of this winning idea…

  • The kids are happy because they different a new jungle gym to explore each time. Variety is the spice of life after all.
  • The parents are happy because we get to catch up on a bit of personal time – a social chit chat with an old friend, checking updates on social media, perhaps even getting an hour or two of undisturbed work done since we’re all so mobile with our tablets and laptops now.
  • Jungle Gyms provides the perfect venue:
    • they’re weather-proof – you will never get rained out
    • child-friendly – they’re made for the children after all!
    • kid-safe – you don’t have to worry about your kids wandering off into some danger zone because you took your eyes off them for a minute.
    • they encourage children to get beneficial and much-needed physical activity during an era of too much sedentary iPad play.
    • the children can take charge of their own play and make friends with the other children at the Jungle Gym.

What’s not to love, really?

Probably the most important part of Jungle Gyms is that they offer children an opportunity for free play – a vital and essential part of any child’s development.

About Kizsports Jungle Gym

It’s been a while since we’ve been here so let’s get a quick run down of this place… Although Bangsar Village has changed a lot since we were last there, Kizsports is still pretty much the same. If you’ve never been there, here’s what they have at their playland:

  • crawl tunnels
  • ball pit
  • slide
  • rope net climbing
  • “under 2” area

For a jungle gym, it is an average size, but evidently entertaining enough to keep the boys occupied for 4 hours (and longer if we didn’t have to go home).

Kizsports is a little more than a jungle gym since they also offer a variety of playschool programs and enrichment classes. Like all jungle gyms, you can also throw a party there – there was one going on the day we went to play.

It cost us RM38 per child and you have to BYO socks or buy a pair from them.


Where are they located?

Aside from the outlet in Bangsar Village II, Kizsports playland is now also available in Great Eastern Mall in Ampang, Main Place Mall in Subang, and the Waterfront in Desa Park City.


If you’re looking for more outlets for a spot of Jungle Gym Hopping, try these other venues:

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