DIY: Seth Mask for the Egyptian God of Chaos

For G1’s school play, I had to help make a Seth mask for the Egyptian God of Chaos…

DH: Who’s Seth?
Me: The Egyptian God of Chaos.
G1: That sounds like G2.

Image Source: Wikipedia

There are so many representations of Seth online that it was hard to decide which look to go for. In the end, our team decided to follow this look from Xothique on Deviant Art:

Seth Mask
Photo Credit: Deviant Art

Here’s the end result of our mask…

Seth Mask

And how we did it…

How to Make a Seth Mask



  • Cut two rectangles out of cardboard for the ears and tape them to the ears of the cat’s mask with masking tape.
  • Cut a v-shape snout out of cardboard for the nose and tape the inner part of the V together with masking tape so it forms a snout. If you have the long-nose bird mask, you can skip this step.
  • Tape the snout to the cat’s muzzle with masking tape. If you have the long-nose bird mask, you can skip this step.

Seth Mask

  • Paint the mask black.
  • When the paint has dried, draw the outline of the eyes with the gold pen.
  • Cut a semi-circular piece of black fabric with a radius of 12 inches.
  • Cut strips of gold fabric 1 inch thick.
  • Using double-sided tape, stick the gold fabric (or ribbons) to the black fabric to form vertical stripes (as shown below)

Seth Mask


  • Cut off the excess gold strips so it is in line with the black fabric.
  • Stitch the hem (dotted line) or stick it down with double-sided tape (like I did)
  • Staple or stitch the fabric to the edges of the mask (the straight edge of the fabric with the hem is the part you attach)

And that’s your very easy DIY Seth mask.


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