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DIY Bonnet Instructions for Costumes and Dress-Up

This year, our Primary school is putting on the musical “Beauty and the Beast”. Drama and musical theater are terrific extra-curricular activities for child development so I was delighted when G1 joined the production this year. To support his efforts, I volunteered to help “in any way that I can”. In the end, I was assignedContinue reading “DIY Bonnet Instructions for Costumes and Dress-Up”

Halloween Dress-up: Pokemon Chandelure Costume

And here we are with the Chandelure costume – number 3 of 3… Now everyone has a costume for Halloween, and just in time, too! How to Make a Chandelure Costume What you will need: 2 sheets of blue felt (60cm x 70cm) – like the ones from Daiso yellow and black felt for the eyes, lanternContinue reading “Halloween Dress-up: Pokemon Chandelure Costume”

DIY: Easiest Lion Costume Ever

It’s G2’s turn to learn about biomes at school and what did he choose to dress up as? A Grassland animal! He couldn’t make my life easy by choosing a scorpion from the savanna so we could recycle G1’s old scorpion costume? So I decided that a lion costume is probably about the easiest oneContinue reading “DIY: Easiest Lion Costume Ever”

DIY: Shakespeare Costume from the Elizabethan Era

G1 dropped a bombshell on me and told me he needed a Shakespeare costume in two days. He had a school play and his character was Shakespeare. Since I didn’t have much time to run around to get materials, I recycled some of our old costumes and came up with this: Shakespeare Costume – ElizabethanContinue reading “DIY: Shakespeare Costume from the Elizabethan Era”

DIY: Will Treaty’s Ranger’s Apprentice Costume

G1 has been planning for Book Week even though the dates haven’t been announced, yet. Given how much advanced notice I have, I figure I should get started early so I don’t have to do another rushed job. So who did he want to dress up as? Will Treaty from The Ranger’s Apprentice series by JohnContinue reading “DIY: Will Treaty’s Ranger’s Apprentice Costume”

Science Week Dress-Up – Carbon Dioxide

It’s science week again and the boys need another costume. G1 decided he was going to be water again and dug up his old water molecule outfit. G2 initially wanted to be diamond but that would require us to get some of his friends into the action so we can do the diamond structure. In theContinue reading “Science Week Dress-Up – Carbon Dioxide”