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Summer Holidays – Beating the Summer Slide

When kids don’t read, work math problems, or aren’t engaged in other learning experiences, not only does their education not continue, it can regress. This problem usually occurs when kids don’t get opportunities to learn over the long summer holidays. It can result in these children coming back to school at a disadvantage. This decline isContinue reading “Summer Holidays – Beating the Summer Slide”

Rhino’s Sleepover

G2 brought home “Rhino” – the class mascot – to stay over for the night. His responsibility was to look after Rhino and to write in a diary about the things they did together. So here’s how he entertained Rhino… Let’s go to Africa! First they “flew” off to Africa to visit the waterhole where theyContinue reading “Rhino’s Sleepover”

Advanced Potion Making Class

We like playing pretend and exploring the countless magical worlds we can be a part of in our minds. Sometimes we invent them, sometimes we borrow them, and sometimes it is an amalgamation of various worlds we have heard about. Yesterday, G1 decided he was going to attend an Advanced Potion Making Class from Harry Potter and create a fewContinue reading “Advanced Potion Making Class”

Valuable Life Lessons from The Game of Life

It was G1’s birthday recently. To help him cut back on his tech time (time spent on TV, iPad or computer), one of the birthday presents he received was a board game – “The Game of Life“. So that’s what we’ve been playing lately… So let me count the ways that board games are terrific… spendingContinue reading “Valuable Life Lessons from The Game of Life”

Simple Physics: Constructing a Play House from Cereal and Toy Boxes

This activity was inspired by the article from PsyBlog – Free Play: Simple Items More Fun For Children. Movable/recycled materials are suggested to stimulate creativity and diversity to children’s play and provide active play experiences by facilitating pushing, pulling and lifting and the construction of structures (e.g. cubby houses, rockets, ships) whilst engaging in social interactionContinue reading “Simple Physics: Constructing a Play House from Cereal and Toy Boxes”

School Holiday Fun – Jungle Gym Hopping

The school holidays are upon us and we’re stuck with the same old dilemma – how do we keep the kids busy and stay sane at the same time? Well, we got off to a good start with some healthy, wholesome fun with a visit to Roller Sports, the Jungle Gym, and a trip toContinue reading “School Holiday Fun – Jungle Gym Hopping”

Fun Activities: Hape – Quadrilla – Music Motion – Marble Railway

It was G2’s birthday recently and we got him this from Happikiddo: Hape Music Motion is a marble run with a difference – it combines music with motion with strategically-placed musical chimes among the wooden rails and blocks. Designed for children aged 4 and up, you can make one of the many configurations shown in the instruction booklet orContinue reading “Fun Activities: Hape – Quadrilla – Music Motion – Marble Railway”

Fun Activities: Let’s Go Mining!

G2 has developed a fascination for tunnels. I think he saw it in a book somewhere. He kept insisting that he wanted to go “tunnelling”, so I made him the following obstacle “tunnel” course. I hid a few “treasures”, gave him a torch and sent him “mining”. G1 got into the real spirit of thingsContinue reading “Fun Activities: Let’s Go Mining!”

Let’s Play! The Role of Playing in Learning

“Play is the highest form of research.” ~ Albert Einstein The Importance of Imaginative Play Fantasy play is correlated with other positive attributes. In preschool children, for example, those who have imaginary friends are more creative, have greater social understanding and are better at taking the perspective of others, according to Marjorie Taylor, a psychologyContinue reading “Let’s Play! The Role of Playing in Learning”