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My Kingdom Playground at The Parenthood

Every holiday, we try to explore new places and new jungle gyms. The Kingdom at The Parenthood in the newly revamped Sunway Putra Mall came to our attention recently, so here we are… The Parenthood The Parenthood is a one-stop, multi-purpose edutainment family store that incorporates: 1. Shopping for your family needs (think baby stuff, likeContinue reading “My Kingdom Playground at The Parenthood”

Sights and Sounds: The Jungle Gym @ Atria Shopping Gallery

With the haze blowing in and outdoor play being out of the question, I decided to take the boys to the jungle gym to help them unleash their restless energy in physical play rather than keep them cooped up at home where they would surely drive their mother insane. We got word that the BIGGEST Jungle Gym in Malaysia hadContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: The Jungle Gym @ Atria Shopping Gallery”

School Holiday Fun – Jungle Gym Hopping

The school holidays are upon us and we’re stuck with the same old dilemma – how do we keep the kids busy and stay sane at the same time? Well, we got off to a good start with some healthy, wholesome fun with a visit to Roller Sports, the Jungle Gym, and a trip toContinue reading “School Holiday Fun – Jungle Gym Hopping”

Jungle Gym @ Bangsar Shopping Centre – Review and Halloween Costume Party!

Movement is good for brain development and physical activity can enhance academic performance. When children engage in free play, they learn a whole lot of things we don’t even realise they are learning. What better way to entertain the children this holidays than with an opportunity to move and to play at a jungle gym? As muchContinue reading “Jungle Gym @ Bangsar Shopping Centre – Review and Halloween Costume Party!”

Play Gyms and Adventure Mazes: Young Explorer in 1Mont’ Kiara

A number of years back, when G1 was much younger, I took him to explore Young Explorer in 1Mont’ Kiara and he did the holiday program that they had on at the time. Over the years, we have been back a couple more times with G1 attending birthday parties held there, but G2 has neverContinue reading “Play Gyms and Adventure Mazes: Young Explorer in 1Mont’ Kiara”

Kids Activities: New Jungle Gym in The Mines – Kidz Paradise

Looking for a new place to take the kids this Christmas? There is a new jungle gym opening in The Mines: No. L4-07  F/G(p) Level 4 The Mines Jalan Dulang Mines Resort City 43300 Seri Kembangan Phone: 012-650 9428 Email: Website: Facebook:   Unfortunately, it’s a little too far out for us to check itContinue reading “Kids Activities: New Jungle Gym in The Mines – Kidz Paradise”

Activities: MegaKidz (Jungle Gym)

With Aristotle on holidays and the boys tearing up the house, I thought it was a good idea to unleash them at a jungle gym. Although MegaKidz at Midvalley Megamall has been around for eons, we have never been there before. What’s it like and is it worth checking out? Here’s what we saw… Facilities:Continue reading “Activities: MegaKidz (Jungle Gym)”

Activities: Young Explorer Gym and Montessori Playschool

One evening, while we were at the new shopping mall – 1 Mont’ Kiara – I spied a notice advertising the Young Explorer Gym on Level 3. What caught my eye was the Adventure Maze. Who wouldn’t want to be a kid so they could play on this: This is only half of it. TheyContinue reading “Activities: Young Explorer Gym and Montessori Playschool”