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How to Make a Scorpion Costume

G1 is learning about biomes at school. As part of the curriculum, the children were supposed to dress up as animals from different biomes. G1 chose to be a scorpion from the savanna. Really? A scorpion? He couldn’t have chosen something easier, like an elephant? Then I could have recycled that elephant ears headband and all I would need are grey clothes and a trunk. Unfortunately, try as I might, I couldn’t wriggle out of the scorpion costume…

So how does one make a scorpion costume? Thankfully, we live in the Internet age and everything can be found online.

Well, almost. Do you know what you get when you google scorpion costume? You get this:


Yeah, he’s the Scorpion character from Mortal Kombat – a computer game.

So I did the next best thing… I whinged about it on Facebook and all my lovely friends rushed in with lots of wonderful ideas and tips and this was what I eventually put together from all that great advice…

How to Make a Scorpion Costume

 scorpion dressup

Scorpion Costume Base

We didn’t have black shoes so I recycled the black hair nets we got when the boys went to Kidzania.

Scorpion Costume Claws

What you will need:

I drew my claws by hand but you are welcome to download Martha Stewart’s lobster claw template. You need two claws out of cardboard and four out of black felt. The cardboard claws need to be slightly smaller than the felt claws (maybe half an inch in all around) – these are to give your felt claws more body or they end up being very floppy. I used blanket stitch to sew the black felt claws together. I had to use elastic thread to secure the claws to my son’s hands because I made the opening too large and the claws kept falling off. Here’s the end result:

scorpion dressup - claws

If you really hate stitching, you can always use black oven mitts – I couldn’t find any. Alternatively, you can glue black felt over your oven mitts…

Scorpion Costume Body and Legs

What you will need:


Making the legs:

  • Cut 6 strips of black foam. The foam sheets from Art Friend are 50cm x 70cm – I cut one sheet long-ways into six
  • I folded each strip into thirds and held it down with double-sided tape.
  • The double-sided tape doesn’t hold for long, so you will need to super-glue the edges so it doesn’t open up again.


  • Use the elastic thread to tie each leg into four segments – one a few centimeters from the end and the other two evenly spaced.
  • Trim the short end segment into a point so it looks like a claw.

 scorpion dressup - legs  scorpion dressup - legs

  • Cut out two rectangular felt pieces about the size of your child’s back – the width of your child’s back and length from shoulder blades to hip.
  • Sandwich the edge of the legs between the felt and secure the legs by any means possible. Black foam is hard to work with so use whatever works. I tied the legs together with lengths of string and used super glue to hold everything in place.
  • Stitch black binding to each of the four corners of the black felt – this will be used to tie the legs to you child’s trunk.
  • Glue or stitch seven strips of brown ribbons across the black felt – these are the segments on the back of your scorpion.

scorpion dressup - body

Scorpion Costume Tail

What you will need:

Cut the pool noodle to the length required. Shape one end into a point for the stinger. Cut a wedge in the side so you can fold it down to make the stinger. Tape it into place.

Scorpion Tail Instructions

Wrap it with black felt (this is the tricky part – and make a point at the end for the stinger) and tie elastic thread to make the segments – there should be four ties to make five segments. Cut a length of black binding and stitch it to the end of the tail – this will be used to tie the tail around your child’s waist.

scorpion dressup - tail

I was a little short on time but if I could, I would have shaped the noodle so that the tail segments were more pronounced. I would also have used a wire down the tail to give it more shape so it could sit up in the attack position. Feel free to improve on the design and share your photos on my pinterest board. As far as this goes, it’s probably the most effort I have ever placed in any of my sons’ school costumes. I hope it doesn’t set a precedent for higher expectations the next time around…

Scorpion Costume

I did eventually find some scorpion costumes made by other mothers… Cooler looking but much more complicated than mine if you want to go for a bigger challenge…

Made by The Shy Gardener

scorpion dressup
Photo Credit: The Shy Gardener

Made by Way (from the Coolest Home Made Costumes)

scorpion dressup

I Hold All the Cards

scorpion costume
Photo Credit: I Hold All The Cards


More DIY Costumes.

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of (a website on parenting, education, child development) and (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

4 thoughts on “How to Make a Scorpion Costume

  1. You saved my life! My daughter is 4 and wants to be an entomologist. And she’s obsessed with scorpions. Last year she wanted to be a poop from a scorpion that ate a pumpkin. That was easy. Poop costume, and then she can explain the rest?

    This year, she skipped the pumpkin and poop part. And went straight to the scorpion. I had the same problem as you. Nothing but Mortal Kombat and Ninjas. I did however purchase my cat an awesome scorpion costume. Which he hated but fits perfectly on her Build a Bear cat.

    Now I created the dilemma that since the cat is gonna be a scorpion, both her and I have to be one also. Theres a cool adult scorpion costume, but this is all i can find for kids!


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