DIY: Easiest Lion Costume Ever

It’s G2’s turn to learn about biomes at school and what did he choose to dress up as? A Grassland animal! He couldn’t make my life easy by choosing a scorpion from the savanna so we could recycle G1’s old scorpion costume? So I decided that a lion costume is probably about the easiest oneContinue reading “DIY: Easiest Lion Costume Ever”

DIY: Shakespeare Costume from the Elizabethan Era

G1 dropped a bombshell on me and told me he needed a Shakespeare costume in two days. He had a school play and his character was Shakespeare. Since I didn’t have much time to run around to get materials, I recycled some of our old costumes and came up with this: Shakespeare Costume – ElizabethanContinue reading “DIY: Shakespeare Costume from the Elizabethan Era”

Science Week Dress-Up – I’m a Water Molecule

It’s science week and G1 wants to dress up. I tried to convince him to dress up as a robot so we could recycle our robot head but he was having none of that. Instead, he wanted to be… A Water Molecule So here we are: At least it was easy to make… The Oxygen AtomContinue reading “Science Week Dress-Up – I’m a Water Molecule”

Dress Up: Luke Skywalker Costume

This is probably one of our simplest costumes to date. G1 was invited to a Star Wars dress up party and his character of choice was Luke Skywalker. So here’s our interpretation of a Luke Skywalker costume… Luke Skywalker Costume There are a variety of outfits for Luke Skywalker we could have gone for, dependingContinue reading “Dress Up: Luke Skywalker Costume”

Book Week Dress-up: Frodo Baggins of the Shire

Book Week is coming up at school and G1 has decided he wants to be Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings. Since he’s actually told me about it weeks in advance, I can’t use the lame old excuse of not having enough time to make it. As it turns out, Frodo’s entire costumeContinue reading “Book Week Dress-up: Frodo Baggins of the Shire”

How to Make a Scorpion Costume

G1 is learning about biomes at school. As part of the curriculum, the children were supposed to dress up as animals from different biomes. G1 chose to be a scorpion from the savanna. Really? A scorpion? He couldn’t have chosen something easier, like an elephant? Then I could have recycled that elephant ears headband and allContinue reading “How to Make a Scorpion Costume”

School Reports and Elephant Costumes

Gavin received his first report back from school yesterday.  I was pleased to note that it was a glowing one.  We have parent-teacher interviews on November 14, so it will be interesting to hear more about how Gavin’s been getting on at school. But it appears that we now have our homework cut out forContinue reading “School Reports and Elephant Costumes”

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