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DIY: Easiest Lion Costume Ever

It’s G2’s turn to learn about biomes at school and what did he choose to dress up as? A Grassland animal! He couldn’t make my life easy by choosing a scorpion from the savanna so we could recycle G1’s old scorpion costume? So I decided that a lion costume is probably about the easiest oneContinue reading “DIY: Easiest Lion Costume Ever”

How to Make a Scorpion Costume

G1 is learning about biomes at school. As part of the curriculum, the children were supposed to dress up as animals from different biomes. G1 chose to be a scorpion from the savanna. Really? A scorpion? He couldn’t have chosen something easier, like an elephant? ThenĀ I could have recycled that elephant ears headband and allContinue reading “How to Make a Scorpion Costume”