Books for Children: the Magic School Bus Chapter Books

Chapter books are a great way for children to transition from picture books to novels. If your child enjoyed reading the original Magic School Bus books then the Magic School Bus chapter books will help your children make the move from picture books to chapter books a little more smoothly with familiar characters they know and love. And while they’re at it, they’ll continue to learn more about the world around them! This series is aimed at children age 7 and up.

Here are some of the books in this series:

MSB BatsThe Magic School Bus: The Truth about Bats

Description: Join the Friz and her class on another batty adventure as they go on another one of their unique field trips to learn the truth about bats.



MSB Missing BonesThe Magic School Bus: The Search for the Missing Bones

Description: Ms. Frizzle and her class visit the Hugh Mann Costume Company to learn all about skeletons: why we need them, what different bones are for, how doctors fix them when they’re broken, and lots more.


MSB WhaleThe Magic School Bus: The Wild Whale Watch

Description: The Magic School Sub takes the kids deep into the ocean, where they learn all sorts of fascinating facts about whales.



MSB Space ExplorersThe Magic School Bus: Space Explorers

Description: The Magic School Bus blasts off on a tour of the Milky Way planets, and the kids discover how the other planets are different from Earth. Not only do they all have different temperatures, but each planet has a different atmosphere as well. Ms. Frizzle’s class finds out how far away the planets are, and how long it would really take to get there if they didn’t have a Magic School Bus.

MSB TwisterThe Magic School Bus: Twister Trouble

Description: The kids in Ms. Frizzle¹s class are getting ready for the Wild Weather Show. To prepare, they take a field trip to the Weatherama Amusement Park. The class finds out just how wild weather can be when they accidentally fly right into a powerful tornado. It’s a whirlwind of excitement!


MSB GermThe Magic School Bus: The Giant Germ

Description: When Keesha discovers mold on her sandwich, the class takes off on a tour of the mini microbe world, and they learn first hand that these little creatures can have HUGE effects. Ms. Frizzle proves that there is always more than meets the eye in this GIGANTIC adventure.


MSB Penguin PuzzleThe Magic School Bus: Penguin Puzzle

Description: Ms. Frizzle whisks her students away on a cool trip to Antarctica, where they learn all about the South Pole and come face to face with playful penguins and colossal icebergs. But when the kids are magically changed into real penguins, they need Ms. Frizzle¹s help to solve their penguin puzzle.


MSB Dinosaur detectivesThe Magic School Bus: Dinosaur Detectives

Description: In Magic School Bus chapter book #9, Ms Frizzle and the gang find out they must become Dinosaur Detectives at the Museum of Natural History.

Ms Frizzles and the gang just want to study dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History. But by mistake, they end up traveling through time to the actual Mesozoic era and come face to face with real meat-eaters! Yikes! They learn about the differences between all kinds of dinosaurs and the different eras these creatures roamed to earth. Don’t miss their exciting chase with a T-Rex and their race to get back home! Read how the Magic School bus kids become real Dinosaur Detectives.

MSB InsectsThe Magic School Bus: Insect Invaders

Description: What has six legs, two sets of wings, and a zany teacher at the wheel? The Magic School Bus as a tiger beetle! Join the Friz’s class and learn amazing insect and spider facts.

When Wanda brings her new ladybugs to school, she just wants Ms. Frizzle to give her some hints on caring for her insect pets. Instead, the whole class gets field trip. They find out pretty quickly that lots of insects eat other insects for lunch. And, there is a little issue of spiders, too. Yikes! It might be disgusting, but Wanda has to admit that the world of insect invaders is amazing.

MSB PolarThe Magic School Bus: Polar Bear Patrol

Description: Get ready for some serious science fun when the Friz takes the kids on a chilling adventure through the North Pole! When Ms. Frizzle announces that they would be studying the North Pole, her class never thought it would lead them to the top of the world. They also never thought they would get to see seals, caribou, musk oxen, and polar bears in person, but that was just the beginning. Find out all the bone-chilling facts of their Arctic adventure!

MSB VoyageThe Magic School Bus: Voyage to the Volcano

Description: Get ready for some serious science fun when the Friz takes the kids on an explosive journey into the heart of a volcano!

When they started learning about volcanoes, the class thought they would just be studying them in books — but Ms. Frizzle had other ideas. She took them all the way to Hawaii, where they waded through lava and saw a real volcano blow its top. One thing’s for sure: This is one explosive adventure that they will never forget!

MSB RocksThe Magic School Bus: Rocky Road Trip

Description: The Friz’s class is tracking a mineral mystery–this trip’s a gem!

When Carlos brings a mystery rock to school, he hopes Ms. Frizzle will tell him what kind of rock it is. But the Friz doesn’t like to tell when she can show….That’s how the class ends up on a wild rock hunt in the Wild West, trying to solve a mineral mystery! They take a stagecoach ride, pan for precious gems, and even explore an old mine. Sure, the going gets a little rough at times–but this road trip rocks!

MSB Electric StormThe Magic School Bus: Electric Storm

Description: Get ready for some serious science fun when the Friz takes the kids on an electrifying adventure into an electric storm!

When Ms. Frizzle announces that they would be studying the weather, the class thought it would be pretty boring. Boy, were they wrong! Ms. Frizzle takes them on a field trip that would give them a real jolt of excitement. Before they know it, they became a bolt of lightning and were off on an electrifying adventure!

MSB FoodThe Magic School Bus: Food Chain Frenzy

Description: Arnold, Ms. Frizzle, and the whole Magic School Bus crew find themselves in a Food Chain Frenzy as they digest lots of fab facts on ecosystems and eating habits.

Ms. Frizzle is the weirdest teacher around, and Arnold is her most reluctant student. A field trip on the Magic School Bus can be torture for Arnold, and there is just one thing that can make it worse: his cousin Janet. With his know-it-all relative’s visit combined with an all-wheel learning adventure, it is sure to be a school day Arnold won’t soon forget. The Friz is always hungry for adventure, and that’s just what the class gets. With so much to learn about ecosystems, even Arnold finds himself eating up all the food-chain facts.

MSB SharkThe Magic School Bus: The Great Shark Escape

Description: What starts as a class trip to the aquarium ends in the depths of the ocean, where the class has to escape from the jaws of a great white shark. Ms. Frizzle teaches the class all about different shark species, including the goblin shark, the angel shark, and the enormous whale shark. The magic School Bus has never been so deep!


MSB MagnetismThe Magic School Bus: Amazing Magnetism

Description: Get ready for some serious science fun when the Friz takes on the most attractive topic of all: Magnetism! In this magnetic adventure, the Friz challenges Mr. O’Neatly’s class to a science contest on magnetism. Learn about magnetism on this alluring tale on magnetic attraction.


MSB ExpeditionThe Magic School Bus: Expedition Down Under

Description: Ms. Frizzle and the kids go all out in the outback. Catch up on all the amazing facts about the animals Down Under!

In this science adventure, Ms. Frizzle’s class ends up on the other side of the world when they go in search for the cackling kookaburra. In a wild walk-about to Australia, they have a hopping good time racing a herd of kangaroos and survive a run-in with the terrible Tasmanian devil. Things get pretty hairy in the outback, but there’s never been a field trip quite like the Expedition Down Under.

MSB ButterflyThe Magic School Bus: Butterfly Battle

Description: Get carried away with the Friz and her class as they take a whirlwind journey into the world of butterflies!

When the class started their unit on butterflies, they figured they would get to see a live butterfly – but they never thought they would get to be one. Ms. Frizzle takes her class on a butterfly field trip where she accidentally turns her whole class into butterflies! Join the class on this exciting adventure as they battle all kinds of things: wind, birds, even people!

MSB FishyThe Magic School Bus: The Fishy Field Trip

Description: Take a dive with Ms. Frizzle! The class climbs on the Magic School Bus to learn all about the Great Barrier Reef and the amazing creatures that claim it as their home. It’ll be a splash!

When the class project on coral reefs accidentally falls into the aquarium, everyone is upset. They had all worked hard to create Ms. Frizzle’s Big Book on the Great Barrier Reef. Now their reports are soggy and smeared. Tim is especially disappointed – some of his best artwork was in that book. But never fear, Ms. Frizzle always has a solution, and it’s called a field trip. When the class climbs on board the Magic School Bus, they are headed down under. And they’ll dive deep into the wild wonder of coral reefs.

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