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Philosophy for Pre-Adolescent Children – Worth it or Waste of Time?

I read an article recently on why children – as in primary school children – should study philosophy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the article again to dissect it further, so I did a little background digging instead… Why Should Children Study Philosophy? There is evidence that children who study philosophy: are more likely to achieve betterContinue reading “Philosophy for Pre-Adolescent Children – Worth it or Waste of Time?”

History Resources: Ancient Egypt and King Tut

Children can derive many benefits from learning history: History provides identity. Studying history improves our decision making and judgment. It shows us models of good and responsible citizenship. History teaches us how to learn from the mistakes of others. It helps us understand change and societal development. History provides us a context from which to understandContinue reading “History Resources: Ancient Egypt and King Tut”

Resources: History for Kids – Free History Network for Kids

Stephen Byrne is a 12 year old boy from Dublin who has created a terrific history resource site for kids. I’m always delighted to see kids that go that extra mile in their pursuit of education so I was only too happy to help out when Stephen wrote to me and asked if I could shareContinue reading “Resources: History for Kids – Free History Network for Kids”

Awesome Educational Apps from Touch Press!

Whoever said that learning was boring? Check out these amazing apps from Touch Press that will give children a up-close and personal experience with science, geography, history, and music… If you want to help you child learn more about the periodic table, the pyramids, inventions, the world, the solar system, the dinosaurs, gems, x-rays, and theContinue reading “Awesome Educational Apps from Touch Press!”

Apps: Dr Panda by TribePlay

Every now and again, we stumble upon an app that Hercules is absolutely nuts about so we write about it. Recently, Hercules’ new favourite series of apps is one by TribePlay, called Dr Panda… Dr Panda’s Apps: Dr Panda’s Hospital (try the trial version) Dr Panda’s Supermarket Dr Panda’s Beauty Salon Dr Panda’s Airport Dr Panda’sContinue reading “Apps: Dr Panda by TribePlay”

Dino-Mania – Everything Dinosaur!

As you know, my boys are really fond of dinosaurs: Paleontology and other science topics Dino-Mania – Part 1 Dino-Mania – Part 2 Dino-Mania – Part 3 Dinosaur Train Dinosaur Chess Recently, we made dinosaur cupcakes for tea time: Now dino-fans have a new website to drool over… Everything Dinosaur As it states, they haveContinue reading “Dino-Mania – Everything Dinosaur!”

Great Educational Websites List

There are plenty of educational websites around, but finding the good ones can be time consuming, so I thought I’d keep this “gems” list for easy reference: Whyzz – for the kids that asks a lot of hairy questions we struggle to find the answers to. They also have a free app for your iThing. FAQContinue reading “Great Educational Websites List”