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Books for Children: The Magic School Bus TV Tie-ins

Another favourite series of books we love is the Magic School Bus. Written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen, the Magic School Bus takes children on wild and exciting field trips to learn all about the world around them. This series of books is intended for children age 4 and up and is a great way to nurture their budding curiosity about science and nature.

The Magic School Bus Books fall under five categories:

Magic School Bus TV-Tie-ins:

MSB BlowsThe Magic School Bus Blows its Top

Description: Ms. Frizzle’s class is having a hard time putting together a giant globe of the world. A piece is missing…an island so new it hasn’t been discovered yet! Before they know it, the kids are beneath the oceans’s surface, exploring an underwater volcano. Join the class as they learn about volcanoes.


The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten

Description: It’s beach day, and the whole class is excited. Everyone except Arnold and Keesha, that is. They forgot their report on two beach things that go together. All Arnold and Keesha have is a tunafish sandwich and some smelly green pond scum. What could those two things possibly have in common? “The best way to learn about something is to jump right in,” Ms. Frizzle announces. A second later the bus dives right into the ocean! Come on an underwater adventure and learn about food chains.

MSB ArcticThe Magic School Bus in the Arctic

Description: There’s nothing Arnold loves more than a steaming cup of hot cocoa – unless of course it’s become cold cocoa. “Where did the hot go?” moans Arnold. Ms. Frizzle knows a way to find out. It’s time for another ride on the Magic School Bus. Come along with Ms. Frizzle and the gang to the Arctic Circle as they learn it’s not just about getting warm, but finding a way to keep the heat you have.


MSB rainbowThe Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow

Description: The class finds Ms. Frizzle inside her closet – playing pinball! But this is no ordinary pinball machine – it’s played with light pulses, not steel balls. The Friz has to light up the six colours of the rainbow to win the game, and the kids want to help her. So they take the Magic School Bus inside the pinball machine. Buckle up for this enlightening adventure and learn the secrets of colour.


MSB SeedsThe Magic School Bus Plants Seeds

Description: Ms. Frizzle’s class is growing a beautiful garden, but Phoebe’s plot is empty. Her flowers are at her old school! So, the kids climb aboard the Magic School Bus. They go to Phoebe’s old school to get some of her old flowers, but they end up actually going inside the flowers. Follow the kids’ colourful adventure as they learn how living things grow.


MSB StarsThe Magic School Bus Sees Stars

Description: Ms. Frizzle and her class are trying to come up with a birthday present for Dorothy Ann. A TV salesman seems to have the perfect idea – the kids can buy a star from him and name it after Dorothy Ann. But Keesha doesn’t want to buy anything sight unseen. So Ms. Frizzle rockets the class off on a field trip to outer space. Join the class as they do some careful star shopping and gain a lot of star knowledge along the way.

More titles in this series (these are no longer in print):

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