The Science of Learning: How Do Brains Learn Best?

We had another workshop at school on the science of learning – how brains learn best. In the workshop, we covered some of the following concepts. What is Neuroplasticity? Neuroplasticity is the brain’s amazing ability to change and adapt as a result of our daily interactions with the world around us. It allows the brainContinue reading “The Science of Learning: How Do Brains Learn Best?”

Star Wars Science: Are You Jedi or Sith?

This is a fun and easy science experiment to do with the kids… Star Wars Mini Lightsaber: Dark Side Detector The boys received this cool toy for Christmas when they were in full Star Wars frenzy. After assembling the lightsaber, you can turn on the lightsaber by pressing a button. As the story goes… theContinue reading “Star Wars Science: Are You Jedi or Sith?”

Summer Holidays – Beating the Summer Slide

When kids don’t read, work math problems, or aren’t engaged in other learning experiences, not only does their education not continue, it can regress. This problem usually occurs when kids don’t get opportunities to learn over the long summer holidays. It can result in these children coming back to school at a disadvantage. This decline isContinue reading “Summer Holidays – Beating the Summer Slide”

Science Week Dress-Up – I’m a Water Molecule

It’s science week and G1 wants to dress up. I tried to convince him to dress up as a robot so we could recycle our robot head but he was having none of that. Instead, he wanted to be… A Water Molecule So here we are: At least it was easy to make… The Oxygen AtomContinue reading “Science Week Dress-Up – I’m a Water Molecule”

Science: Having Fun with the Solar System

G2 is learning about space in school so when I this cool solar system jigsaw puzzle in Borders, I couldn’t resist. It would have been way cooler if it had been “glow in the dark” but for RM25, who’s complaining? All right! All right! The truth is I’ve always wanted one of these for myself becauseContinue reading “Science: Having Fun with the Solar System”

Mama, Where’s the Car Engine?

Some time back, G2 asked me about the car engine. Since I know very little about car engines, all I could do was open the bonnet and show him what it looked like. Well, okay, I did point out the battery and I also showed him where the petrol goes in. Unfortunately, that was aboutContinue reading “Mama, Where’s the Car Engine?”

Awesome Educational Apps from Touch Press!

Whoever said that learning was boring? Check out these amazing apps from Touch Press that will give children a up-close and personal experience with science, geography, history, and music… If you want to help you child learn more about the periodic table, the pyramids, inventions, the world, the solar system, the dinosaurs, gems, x-rays, and theContinue reading “Awesome Educational Apps from Touch Press!”

Learn about Electronics with little Bits

What are littleBits? littleBits is an open-source library of color-coded electronic modules — miniscule circuit boards with specific functions, such as light, sound, sensors, buttons, thresholds, motors and more — that snap together via tiny magnets in order to make larger circuits. There is no programming, wiring or soldering. These simple, intuitive blocks promote limitless experimentation,Continue reading “Learn about Electronics with little Bits”

Teach Your Kids Electronics: LittleBits Legos for the iPad Generation…

Imagine a set of electronics that is as easy to play with as Lego. Introducing littleBits… a set of simple, interchangeable blocks that make programming as simple and important a part of creativity as snapping blocks together. Welcome to the new Legos for the iPad generation… This is a toy that screams out to me notContinue reading “Teach Your Kids Electronics: LittleBits Legos for the iPad Generation…”

Sights and Sounds: Titans of the Past – Singapore Science Center

The Singapore Science Center is featuring a temporary exhibition that all little paleontologists will love: Titans of the Past Featuring the work of the world’s leading paleontologist, Dr Jack Horner (whom dino fans will know was the consultant for the Jurassic Park films), Titans of the Past takes you on a prehistoric journey of theContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: Titans of the Past – Singapore Science Center”

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