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2nd Pregnancy Week 9

Symptoms and developments this week:

  • Cold sensitivity – what I remember most about the last pregnancy was always feeling hot, so it seems a bit strange to be feeling cold these days.  I’m sure it was the same with the last pregnancy, but the memory of it isn’t particularly distinct.  Perhaps also because I was rather intolerant to cold to begin with.
  • Low grade nausea – hasn’t abated one bit, although I’m still managing to control it and haven’t thrown up.  This is definitely an improvement over the last pregnancy.  I have read somewhere that nursing mothers experience less morning sickness and that many have reported an increase in morning sickness after weaning.
  • Fatigue – definitely up.  I’m been sleeping a lot more – hence the neglect of my blogs, emails and Facebook.  Most annoying that I seem to have picked up a lot more spam mail in my inbox selling weightloss programs and drugs (it can be up to 10 a day!) and I don’t know how to stop them.  Think I might need to get a spam guard.
  • Increased frequency for the toilet – yup, I’m pooping even more frequently than Gavin these days (and that’s saying a lot considering he pooped three times yesterday).  I also seem to remember an increasing sluggish bowel movement during the last pregnancy which doesn’t seem to be happening this time around…  Or perhaps it is because I’m eating more?
  • Food intolerance – okay, maybe intolerance is a strong word, but I seem to be off meat.  How strange considering I craved meat during the last pregnancy.  I find it easier to eat minces rather than pieces of meat.  Then again, I don’t seem to be digging my fruits and veggies either.  The latter was the same for the last pregnancy which I think is odd considering it is such an important part of maintaining a healthy diet.  I used to blend fruits before dinner and drink two large glasses.  Now I can barely take one glass without feeling like I’ve overdone it.
  • Food cravings – no defined patterns to this.  The junk food craving seems to be abating – thank goodness – and I haven’t been back to Big Apple Donuts.  In fact, I think the cravings were lessening towards the end of the week because I couldn’t seem to decide what I wanted to eat for dinner.  However, true to pregnant form, I find that what I order isn’t necessarily what I can eat – as I discovered last weekend when I ended up swapping meals with hubby.
  • Some mild heaviness of the head and odd aches and pains that go before I can even define where they come from.  I assume they are all related to the pregnancy.
  • A general tightening of my clothes so I think I’m going to have to start pulling out the pregnant clothes soon and start retiring my “fitted” clothes.

This pregnancy has had a few added benefits.  Through my cravings, I have discovered a few more foods that Gavin likes to eat.  He might not enjoy chocolate flavoured Pediasure but he has no objections drinking milk formula for pregnant Mums.  He also likes melted Bega Tasty cheese on Queen bread from Sun Moulin – a craving I have been having lately.  It was interesting to note that he didn’t like eating cheese cut into cubes, but he didn’t mind it after it was melted – I was like that as a kid, too.  Gavin also likes eating Special K Breakfast bars – the Strawberry variant – so I discovered when he asked to take a bite of mine when I was trying to plug a hole in my stomach.

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