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Parenting: Light at the End of the Tunnel for Picky Eaters

To the parents of fussy eaters, I just wanted to say that there is light at the end of the tunnel. When Aristotle started eating solids, we had a rough time feeding him. He didn’t like a lot of food and there was a lot of stress over his lack of enthusiasm for food. AsContinue reading “Parenting: Light at the End of the Tunnel for Picky Eaters”

Health and Nutrition: Boosting the Immunity of a Picky Eater

The boys have been getting sick a lot lately. We’ve made so many trips to the doctor’s in the last few months that I’m seriously concerned about their health. I suspect it that a large part of the reason is due to Hercules starting school in November. Unlike Aristotle, who is a bit of aContinue reading “Health and Nutrition: Boosting the Immunity of a Picky Eater”

Healthy Cooking, Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle

Those who know me will know that cooking is not my forte. To state it simply – I loathe it. For me, a meal is just something to get you through the day. Dessert, on the other hand, is something else altogether, but now that I have kids, that’s also a different story. I haveContinue reading “Healthy Cooking, Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle”

Nutrition: Getting Children to Eat Vegetables – is Wheatgrass a Viable Alternative?

Although wheatgrass has been on the Mum radar for quite some time, until recently, I never really gave it much in depth thought. What really got my notice was an ad at a BoostJuice Bar that claimed “one shot of wheatgrass is equivalent to eating a bowl of vegetables”. When you have a child thatContinue reading “Nutrition: Getting Children to Eat Vegetables – is Wheatgrass a Viable Alternative?”

Teachable Moments: Healthy Diet Pyramid

I’ve been trying very hard to get Gavin to eat more healthy foods.  This has been one uphill battle for me since our household isn’t exactly renown for healthy eating.  There’s just too much junk food around the house…  I guess this is one of the down-sides of extended family living (unless the entire familyContinue reading “Teachable Moments: Healthy Diet Pyramid”

How Do You Feed Medicine to a Toddler?

I was down with mastitis again over the last couple of days.  Is it me or was it a particularly nasty bout this time?  Ordinarily, I would have been on the road to recovery after a day or two.  This time, I started to feel crook on Thursday and was still feeling rather delicate onContinue reading “How Do You Feed Medicine to a Toddler?”

Toddler Behaviour: Food Intolerance

Gavin’s a picky eater.  He has been ever since he started balking at solids around about eight months.  I would even venture to say that he’s almost as bad as Leta on Dooce – at least that’s how bad it feels like these days.  Gavin has a gag reflex that would put a Bulimic toContinue reading “Toddler Behaviour: Food Intolerance”

Review: The First Years Breast Flow Bottles and Pump

Since before Gareth was born, my MIL has been offering to help look after him.  She also suggested I express my breast milk so she can bottle feed Gareth.  I had been reluctant to express and bottle feed during the confinement month because I didn’t want Gareth to have “nipple confusion” which can happen whenContinue reading “Review: The First Years Breast Flow Bottles and Pump”

Toddler Bowel Movements: Interesting Cure for Constipation

Warning: detailed and graphic explanations in this post about fecal matter. Over the past month or so, Gavin has been having a bit of trouble with constipation.  I first realised that there was a problem when I wiped his anus and saw a spot of blood on the tissue.  After that, we experienced a seriesContinue reading “Toddler Bowel Movements: Interesting Cure for Constipation”

Toddler Nutrition: The Toddler Detox Program

Some time back I wrote a post about “zero calories versus empty calories“.  Unfortunately for us, we went the way of the empty calories in order to get Gavin to eat.  Particularly recently, that mistake has come back to haunt us.  Gavin has gone from eating certain favourite foods to only desiring junk food.  HeContinue reading “Toddler Nutrition: The Toddler Detox Program”