An Art Session with New Stamps

Although Gavin was down with a fever for much of last week, we did manage to get quite a number of activities in.  We started the week with an art session.  After the last session, I decided to give the painting sessions a break because it seemed like Gavin was getting bored of the activity.  He had barely painted for more than 10 minutes and he was already tiring of the activity.  Ordinarily, he would cover most of the paper with paint, but that time, there was more white than painted areas. 

To revitalise his interest, I bought two foam stamp kits from Art Friend in The Gardens, Midvalley (you can make your own from vegetables as suggested by my friend, but I was too lazy for that).

We got alphabet stamps:


And “under the sea” stamps:


I also took out both sets of paints – the Pelikan finger paints and the Crayola finger paints and let him go wild.  I did try to teach him to paint the stamps and imprint them onto the paper, but I think Gavin prefers to create his own artistic impressions with his hands because he gave up on the stamps pretty quickly.


This art session went well, but I think it still remains to be seen how interested he’ll be when we next paint again.  I’m really not sure how long more this activity will interest him.  Hubby and I were initially talking about getting Gavin an easel so it is easier for him to paint, but I’m not sure about paying RM200 for an easel that he isn’t likely to use much.  I think we’ll have to see how the next few art sessions go before we make a decision on the easel…

In the meantime, here’s another for Gavin’s art collection which I’ve decided to call “Trains and Sea Creatures in a Meadow”:


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2 thoughts on “An Art Session with New Stamps

  1. Hi shenli
    I wish I had come to know ur blog much much much earlier (only came across ur blog since march dis yr) so dat I could hv read each n ery blog u hv written. there is so much information u hv written n I could not thank you enuff esp info on right brain education which is a new thing to me n m still trying to understand it. Anyway I stumble upon dis article n saw Gavin’s painting like u said wud covered most of d paper wif paint. My gal who is now 2.8 yrs whenever she does her coloring or painting she wud only color or paint at d same spots until d paper got hole. Noticed on d painting where he paint green, did he paint over n over at d same spot (not sure if u still recall since its a couple yrs back). Not sure if dats normal for toddlers at dat age.


    1. Cin – thank you for reading my blog! It makes my day to hear about other parents who find the information here useful.

      I don’t know if painting over the same spot is “normal” for toddlers but it is something that Gavin used to do a lot and also his god sister at one point so between Gavin, his godsister and your daughter, that makes three toddlers who do that.


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