Sights and Sounds: Adventures at SuperPark!

It’s the school holidays and the challenge to keep the kids active and busy begins again. A friend told us about SuperPark which had just opened in Malaysia. It is an “all in one indoor activity park from Finland” embracing the concept “you are made to move”.

I like the sound of it already.

Things to do at SuperPark

All the activities at SuperPark are designed to make you move. Everyone is welcome – from the littlest child to the “big” kids (aka adults). There are over 20 activities that you can take part in (some areas are age restricted to ensure the safety of all participants):

  1. Adventure Area
    • Kids’ Adventure City (aka jungle gym)
    • Flying fox
    • Kids’ Freestyle Area (trampolines for 3 to 7 years old)
    • Kids’ Gym
    • Pedal Car Track
    • Sliding Mountains
    • Tube Slide
    • Clip ‘n’ Climb
    • Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course
  2. Game Arena
    • Baseball
    • Hotstepper
    • Street Basketball
    • Superball
    • Superbowling
    • Superhoop
    • Superpinball
    • Robokeeper
    • iWall
    • Air Hockey
    • Foosball
  3. Freestyle Hall
    • Augmented Climbing Wall
    • Gymnastic Area
    • Skate and Scoot World – includes an ice skating area and a skate and scoot park complete with half pipe and ramps
    • Futsal
    • Trampoline Platform
    • Free Drop
    • Obstacle Wall

As you can see, there are a lot of things to do. They say “a picture speaks a thousand words” so it is probably easier to check out the photos we took on the day we went.

Flying fox

Superpark flying fox

The flying fox is always a hit with the kids. In Australia, this is a common feature in many playgrounds and the boys love it. Unfortunately, we have nothing like it here. It’s so fun that even this “big kid” had to have a go.

Kids’ Adventure City

Superpark MalaysiaSuperpark Malaysia

The Kids’ Adventure City is a jungle gym with crawl spaces, obstacles to negotiate.

Kids’ Freestyle Area

Superpark Malaysia

This trampoline area is reserved for the younger kids, age 3 to 7 years old. I really like how they have staff manning the area to make sure the rules are observed and that no one gets hurt.

Kids’ Gym

I forgot to get a picture of this but it is a play area for the little kids. They have a ball pit and a few climbing walls. It also has a really interesting-looking monkey bar. I’m not sure what it’s function is because it is attached to the wall. I thought it would have been perfect for Spartan Training.

Pedal Car Track

Superpark Malaysia

Of all the activities, this was the favourite for the boys. They kept going back for it again and again.

Sliding Mountains

Superpark Malaysia

Tube Slide

Superpark MalaysiaSuperpark Malaysia

Clip ‘n’ Climb

Superpark Malaysia

There are three climbing walls with autobelays. This is the only activity where you are required to wear your shoes.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Superpark Malaysia

This was my favourite activity. I only wish it was bigger. We really need more gyms like this – they would be perfect for Spartan training.

Superpark MalaysiaSuperpark Malaysia

It’s trickier than it looks. Those nets with the foam cubes kept spinning around and around.


Superpark Malaysia

Just like a batting cage – the machine shoots the balls at you and you have to hit them with the baseball bat.


Superpark Malaysia

Step on the panels that light up as fast as you can. It speeds up as you go along. Miss too many or step on the wrong one and you’re out.

Street Basketball

Another one I forgot to get a photo of but it’s a half court where you can play street basketball with friends.


Superpark Malaysia

Superball is a game for two teams. Each team has to throw the balls and hit the other team’s score board. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.


Superpark Malaysia

Roll the balls up the lane and try to get them into the holes at the end. Each hole is worth different a different number of points. Before beginning, you have to press a button that starts a timer. The goal is to score as many points as you can before the timer ends.


Superpark Malaysia

This is just like Superbowling, except that you have to shoot the basketballs into the hoops.


Superpark MalaysiaSuperpark Malaysia

In Superpinball, you have to kick the balls and try to hit the numbered panels to get points. The goal is to score as many points as you can before the timer ends.


Superpark Malaysia

The aim in this activity is to kick the ball past the Robokeeper to score a goal.


Superpark Malaysia

The iWall offers lots of games that require you to move your body. We only played two games. The racing game requires you to run and jump on the spot to navigate your car through the race track. The yoga game requires you to mimic the movements of the character on the screen.

Air Hockey and Foosball

Superpark Malaysia

Good ol’ favourites that G1 and I had a lot of fun with playing against each other.

Augmented Climbing Wall

Superpark Malaysia

There are a couple of games you can play on the augmented climbing wall. The one above involved climbing the wall to tap on the bats as quickly as you can.

Superpark Malaysia

In this other game (above) you have to climb around the light structures without letting any part of your body come into contact with them. I was quite surprised to find G1 trying this game out, given his disinclination towards anything too physically demanding.

Gymnastic Area

Superpark Malaysia

Skate and Scoot World

Superpark MalaysiaSuperpark Malaysia

Skateboard park with ramps and stuff for daredevils to perform their tricks.

Superpark Malaysia

There is also a small ice skating rink for the ice skaters.


Superpark Malaysia

Trampoline Platform, Free Drop and Obstacle Wall

Superpark Malaysia

This is the trampoline area for the bigger kids:

  • Bottom right: Obstacle Wall
  • Bottom center: Free Drop
  • Top center: Augmented Trampoline Game
  • Bottom left: Trampoline Platform

Getting There

The SuperPark entrance is located on the 4th floor of Avenue K. The easiest way to find the entrance is to go to Level 2, find Food Junction, then take the escalator up two levels from there.

Visitor Details

  • Tickets – ranges from RM30 to RM70 per visit
  • You need to wear sticky socks – BYO or get a pair for RM5
  • Fill out the waiver form before purchasing your tickets – can be done online before or when you arrive at SuperPark
  • Lockers are available for free with your ticket
  • Pram parking area and “non-participating parent” area available
  • They also offer private party rooms

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