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Sights and Sounds: EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park

I discovered this one through a friend…

EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park

EnerZ Extreme Park in Subang

EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park in Subang is the latest extreme theme park to land in Malaysia. Featuring trampolines, sky ropes, an obstacle course, badminton courts, martial arts and other services, this place is designed for the young and young-at-heart.

After our success at District 21 with the boys, they were only too eager to check out EnerZ

Children’s Gut Builder Obstacle Course

EnerZ Extreme Park in Subang

The children’s gut builder obstacle course comprises of a smaller version of the sky ropes, a rock climbing wall, and rope cages. Although they call it the “Children’s” Gut Builder Obstacle Course, adults under 70kg are allowed on it as well. The rope course for the obstacle course is designed so that you can pick and choose your own path. If you think a certain section is too challenging, you can always opt for the easier route.

EnerZ Extreme Park in Subang

G2 wasn’t game for this, but G1 went all out… There are three levels and he went all the way up to the top. He also climbed the rope cages. And to think we always thought he was going to be the unadventurous boy…

EnerZ Extreme Park in Subang EnerZ Extreme Park in Subang


EnerZ Extreme Park in Subang

The trampolines rival the offering at Jump Street. They have dodge ball, slam dunk, high performance, foam pit, and various other trampoline features. G2 was content to remain in this area for the entire time we were there. One of the staff even played dodge ball with the boys! I discovered later how tiring that game really is and all I did was run around for less than 5 minutes!

Sky Ropes

The picture below is taken from the third level of the Children’s Gut Builder Obstacle Course and it shows the height you will be at if you take on the sky rope challenge – definitely a challenge for the acrophobic.

EnerZ Extreme Park in Subang

The sky ropes are located in the rafters and they make a circuit around half the warehouse. There is a minimum height requirement for this one because you need to be tall enough to hook and un-hook your safety. Similar to Sky Trek, you have two safety rope attachments, but instead of clickers, they have locking carabiners so you do need your brain on when you’re up there. There is also a flying fox that cuts across the width of the warehouse.

The course features are pretty similar to the rope course on the Children’s Gut Builder Obstacle Course but the distance is greater and you have no opt-out features. If you start the circuit, there is only one direction you can go in.


  • Contact: 011-1500 0066
  • Operating Hours: 10am to 9pm weekdays; 10am to 10pm weekends
  • You need sticky socks – you can purchase a pair or you can wear your own as long as they offer the necessary grip
  • Current promotion is RM12/hour until 12 April 2015; or
  • RM120 for 30 entries if you use this coupon before 30 April 2015

Getting There

Okay, this one’s a little tricky. The address on their website states: Lot 791 Persiaran Subang Indah, Subang Jaya, Selangor, 47500 Subang Jaya. But I used Waze to get me there and the end point on Waze is somewhere near the corner of Jalan Subang 4 and Persiaran Subang.

Our Thoughts…

The safety features for the rope courses are not as idiot-proof as Sky Trek but they have a lot of friendly and helpful staff on hand who are ever ready to make sure you’re geared up and locked-in safely.

I also liked that the “children’s” obstacle course accommodates “bigger” people so you don’t necessarily have to go on the sky ropes to get your thrills. My only issue was that the rope courses are done without shoes – socks only – which started to hurt my feet after a while because we have to balance on narrow surfaces.

The boys loved EnerZ and are already planning a return visit. Unfortunately for us – which is the same problem we have for all the other extreme activities we have tried – the venue is such a long way away from us.


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