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Art Activities: Batik Painting

When we were at the Science Center to see the dinosaur exhibition in June, we picked up a Batik painting kit with a picture of a dinosaur. It is basically a picture drawn onto a piece of fabric with a wax outline on a cardboard frame, 6 fabric paints and a paintbrush.


Batik painting is a terrific activity for young children because they are free to be as creative as they want with the colours and the end result still looks like a picture they can be proud of.

Dino Batik Painting

Batik painting kits for children are available online from Lazada and Art Friend in The Gardens, Midvalley.

You can also teach your child the whole process of batik painting and let your child design his own pattern or picture. I did a similar activity using silk in a textiles class once. It involved drawing a design onto a piece of fabric using quick wax and painting it in using fabric paints. With your child, you may want to draw the picture with a pencil first before tracing over it with quick wax.

Note: Traditional batik painting uses melted wax for the outline which is messy and hot. Quick wax doesn’t require any heating or melting making it more suitable for children. The downside to quick wax is that it is sticky and if your fabric is folded it can stick together – at least that was the problem I had last time. I don’t know if the newer forms of quick wax have been modified to overcome this problem.

Here’s a video of the process:

Batik Painting Kits

Malaysian Batik Painting Kit

  • Become a batik artist with this fun, creative, and therapeutic painting kit. Tone, mix and match colors and paint it on the beautifully pre-painted Malaysian-themed wax designs. Frame up the finished artwork and proudly hang it on your wall!
  • Batik canvases are 8″ x 8″, individually mounted on a cardboard frame that also acts as an elevated painting surface.
  • The box kit comes with everything ready, only creativity is needed. Perfect as a birthday, Mother’s Day gift, ladies night activity, group activity, play dates, or summer art painting activity for adults and kids!
  • Each set contains (a) 2 x 8″ x 8″ pre-painted wax motive canvas on cardboard frames (b) 6 x 2.5 ml batik color dyes (c) 1 x nylon hair paint brush.
  • The batik painting color dye is non-toxic, water-based, uses organic color pigment, conforms to International Safety Standard EN71.

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