Trinity Kids Parenting Series – Raising a Total Child

When I had my first child, I remember thinking, “What did I get myself into? I don’t know the first thing about looking after children, let alone a baby!” It was a state of panic that I was constantly in, not knowing if anything I did was right or okay. To top it off, aContinue reading “Trinity Kids Parenting Series – Raising a Total Child”

Activities: Educational Art Workshops by Alam Kreatif

Semester 2 Workshops from Alam Kreatif¬†are now available for registration! Check them out… About Alam Kreatif Alam Kreatif is a non-profit creative program offering: Introductory courses in arts appreciation Skill and knowledge in visual, literary, performing arts and living skills Enhanced learning on life, ecology, science and humanities through the arts Their goals are toContinue reading “Activities: Educational Art Workshops by Alam Kreatif”

Holiday Workshops from The Studio@KL – April 2015

Complimentary Trial Class! The Studio@KL is offering Complimentary Trial Classes for Young Artists (age 6 to 14 years)! Register here Check the Timetable Read more about it When G1 was little, he attended a few art classes at The Studio@KL. It’s a pity he stopped because it’s actually a pretty cool place. This Easter, ifContinue reading “Holiday Workshops from The Studio@KL – April 2015”

Brain Fitness Workshop by Kidz Grow

Kidz Grow is running a half day workshop on Brain Fitness. Why is Brain Fitness Important? In a nutshell, brain fitness improves attention span, allows children to learn more easily, strengthens memory power, and promotes faster thinking. Just as a healthy body allows us to do more things, a fit brain allows us to functionContinue reading “Brain Fitness Workshop by Kidz Grow”

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