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Apps: Right Brain Kids – Wink, Phonics and PhotoEyeplay

Right Brain Kids have Apps! Now you can take your home practice with you anywhere you go… Into the Universe What is it about? Into the Universe is the first of a series of short books for the Right Brain Kids Wink Adventure Series. It playfully introduces the seven steps of the Wink: Right BrainContinue reading “Apps: Right Brain Kids – Wink, Phonics and PhotoEyeplay”

Right Brain Kids: Developing a Photographic Memory

If you want to understand a little more about how to develop the photographic memory function of the right brain, below is an interesting excerpt from a Right Brain Kids’ newsletter explaining how it works. PhotoEyeplay – one of the Wink activities from Right Brain Kids – helps train your photographic memory. Having a photographicContinue reading “Right Brain Kids: Developing a Photographic Memory”