Flashcards: Thomas and Friends – Minus 7

If you’re like Gavin, you’ll probably have noticed that the green in the flashcards is not the same shade as the green in the wall chart.  That’s what happens when you work on this in the middle of the night and have to run back to the kids every so often because one of themContinue reading “Flashcards: Thomas and Friends – Minus 7”

Flashcards: Thomas and Friends – Minus 1

Gavin loves anything Thomas and Friends.  When I incorporated the characters into his Math sessions, he started to enjoy Math, too.  After we went through the addition charts from Shichidaparents, I started making my own subtraction flashcards: And wall charts: You can download them here: Emily: Minus 1 – Flashcards Emily: Minus 1 – WallContinue reading “Flashcards: Thomas and Friends – Minus 1”

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