Books: Expanding Your Child’s Reading Vocabulary

According to Grolier, for a child to be able to pick up any book and read it entirely on his own, he needs to have a reading vocabulary of about 5000 words. One might argue that if a child has a strong foundation in phonics, he can read just about any word. However, being able to decodeContinue reading “Books: Expanding Your Child’s Reading Vocabulary”

Educational Insights Blurt! The Uproarious Word Race Game!

Promotes vocabulary building and word recall Includes 300 cards, which have 1800 clues at 2 playing levels This special edition includes a Junior version for ages 7-9, as well as the regular version World-famous game is back and better than before Great for family game nights, parties, classrooms and more Think fast. What word meansContinue reading “Educational Insights Blurt! The Uproarious Word Race Game!”

Early Literacy: Expanding Your Child’s Reading Vocabulary

According to the LadyBird Peter and Jane keyword series if your child can read the following hundred keywords, he can read 50% of all the words we read and write everyday: a and he I in is it of that the to was all are as at be but for had have him his notContinue reading “Early Literacy: Expanding Your Child’s Reading Vocabulary”

Flash Cards for Vocabulary Expansion

Looking for more flashcards? Check out our Free Flashcards Resource Page. One of the other activities I was asked to do with Gavin as part of our Heguru Home Practice during Gavin’s recent Heguru assessment was to expand his vocabulary with word flash cards. Gavin is at a point now where he knows enough toContinue reading “Flash Cards for Vocabulary Expansion”

Reading: Vocabulary Expansion

So you’ve taught your child how to read using Doman’s Reading Method, so what happens after you’ve completed the Doman reading program? ¬†The reading kit is quite limited in terms of the number of words that it introduces to a child. ¬†However, if you follow the reading program as outlined in Doman’s book “How toContinue reading “Reading: Vocabulary Expansion”

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