Books: Character Development – Beyond Academic Achievement

The education of children should not only be about filling their heads with knowledge. It should also be to teach them how to live. If there is beauty in character, there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. If there is orderContinue reading “Books: Character Development – Beyond Academic Achievement”

Learning Through Experience: How do you Teach Your Child to Put Others Before Himself?

Some time back, I wrote about wanting to raise children who are happy, confident and successful. On the Figur8 home page, this brief statement was extrapolated to express what we hope to achieve in raising our children. Since reading “The Parents We Mean to Be” by Richard Weissbourd, I have realised that there needs to beContinue reading “Learning Through Experience: How do you Teach Your Child to Put Others Before Himself?”

Money Matters: Teaching Children about the Value of Money

Since they were little, we have encouraged the boys to keep a little piggy bank. Unfortunately, they aren’t that consistent with it. Lately, however, I have felt a need to place more emphasis on the piggy bank, saving money and working for it because Aristotle has been displaying some rather disturbing behaviours… When he doesn’tContinue reading “Money Matters: Teaching Children about the Value of Money”

Character Building: The Value of Persistence – Part 2

How apt that I should watch Soul Surfer right after writing about the value of persistence… If you haven’t seen the movie and you don’t know what it is about, here’s the preview: httpv:// It’s based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton who dreamed of becoming a professional surfer when her arm is takenContinue reading “Character Building: The Value of Persistence – Part 2”

Value Tales: Teaching Your Child About Famous Historical Figures

I’ve been on the hunt again for the old series of Value Tales. My original intention for finding these books was to use them to help me teach Gavin about values, morals and ethics. Since then, we’ve managed to find several other book series that help to meet the same end: Help Me Be GoodContinue reading “Value Tales: Teaching Your Child About Famous Historical Figures”

Book Review: Teaching Your Children Values

I mentioned some time back that I was looking for books to help teach values to a child.  Since then I found a series by Joy Berry that I thought was pretty good.  In fact, I think Joy Berry has written a great series of books that not only help to teach children values, butContinue reading “Book Review: Teaching Your Children Values”

Teaching Values with Thomas and Friends

I’d been trying to find story books to help me teach Gavin about values when it occurred to me that the best character to teach Gavin about values is Thomas.  If I thought Gavin was crazy about Thomas when he was little, he has gone into a whole different level of madness that borders onContinue reading “Teaching Values with Thomas and Friends”

Character Building Story Books

Sometime back I mentioned I was looking for story books that were useful for teaching children about values.  Mel suggested a series called “Help Me Be Good” which is apparently being sold by Grolier.  So I tried to call them to find out more about the series but I guess I must have really offendedContinue reading “Character Building Story Books”

Teaching Values to a Child

After Gavin’s incident with the book, I have been actively speaking to his teachers about his behaviour to determine what I can do to help correct it.  The teachers that knew him from before – his Heguru sensei and his Kinderland teachers – all remarked that they felt Gavin is actually a very well behavedContinue reading “Teaching Values to a Child”

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