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TweedleWink Homeschool Lesson Plans from Right Brain Kids

In an earlier newsletter, we wrote about TweedleWink, a blended “Right Brain Education” program created by Right Brain Kids that incorporates the teachings practices of Glenn Doman, Makoto Shichida, Maria Montessori, Reggio, and HeartMath. If you are following this program at home, you will be able to add on to your activities with these additional resources compiled by Right BrainContinue reading “TweedleWink Homeschool Lesson Plans from Right Brain Kids”

TweedleWink: About the Early Enrichment Program

Pamela Hickein and Wennie Sun (founders of Right Brain Kids and the TweedleWink enrichment centers) have a new video that talks about their early learning enrichment program. The purpose of TweedleWink is to help your child boost his/her intellectual AND creative potential by engaging in playful learning exercises in a loving atmosphere of joy and fun.Continue reading “TweedleWink: About the Early Enrichment Program”

Educational Activities: The Matching Game

Recently, my BFF gave us two Safari Ltd Dinosaur TOOBS – Feathered Dinosaurs and Carnivorous Dinosaurs. Since the names of each dinosaur species was printed underneath the dinosaur, I was inspired to make name cards that the boys could use to play a matching game. In TweedleWink, they had activities like this where they wouldContinue reading “Educational Activities: The Matching Game”

BabyTalk Article: Right Brain Education Unveiled

This is the original article I submitted for publication in the October 2011 issue of Baby Talk on Right Brain Education: Right Brain Education…Unveiled In today’s challenging world, having a high IQ no longer guarantees success. A well-rounded individual comes from a background where he is loved, knows how to love and has a balanceContinue reading “BabyTalk Article: Right Brain Education Unveiled”

TweedleWink: Cup Stacking Activity Enhances Brain Function

Activity: Cup Stacking Cup stacking is one of the activities that the children are encouraged to do in TweedleWink. It helps to linking and enhance left- and right-brain functionality, and has been shown to heighten intuition and creativity. What do you need? 12 speed stacking cups. What do you do? Cup stacking involves taking aContinue reading “TweedleWink: Cup Stacking Activity Enhances Brain Function”

TweedleWink Testimonials

TweedleWink Testimonials from Parents When it comes to right brain classes, many parents are always eager to see results in their children after attending right brain classes. To put things into perspective, let me first ask: when you send your child for music class, do you expect to hear Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony being played afterContinue reading “TweedleWink Testimonials”