Fact or Fiction: Too Much Screen Time Bad for Children’s Eyes

G1’s school has implemented an iPad program and one of the biggest concerns it raises is this: how will the extra screen time affect our children’s eyes? When I was growing up, I used to get warnings about the TV: too much TV is bad for your eyes sitting too close to the TV isContinue reading “Fact or Fiction: Too Much Screen Time Bad for Children’s Eyes”

Disturbances in the Child’s Relationship to Inner and Outer Pictures of Reality

A friend sent me an article on the “Disturbances in the Child’s Relationship to Inner and Outer Pictures of Reality“: Two pediatricians from a German municipal health office studied the capacity for pictorial perception among two thousand preschool children ages five and six prior to school entrance. In order to determine the children’s cognitive maturity andContinue reading “Disturbances in the Child’s Relationship to Inner and Outer Pictures of Reality”

History Resources: Horrible Histories Collection

After getting through The Magic Tree House series, if you want to dig deeper into the historical archives, the Horrible Histories Collection is an entertaining non-fiction series to follow. Written by Terry Deary, the Horrible Histories brings history to live from an interesting and factual perspective. Introduce your child into the world of Horrible Histories with the Blood-CurdlingContinue reading “History Resources: Horrible Histories Collection”

Learning with Music Part 2

Some time back I wrote a post about using educational songs to teach children about various subjects because my younger son has been demonstrating a strong inclination for music. Since then, I have heard of a couple of other Music CD/DVD programs that also teach various subjects through music. Here they are: 1. Peter WeatherallContinue reading “Learning with Music Part 2”

What’s New from WordWorld…

There have been a lot of strong emphasis for “No TV for children under two“. And while it was always my plan to observe this rule for Gavin from birth, living with the extended family has made this practice quite impractical, if not impossible. As a result, I made certain concessions by controlling what heContinue reading “What’s New from WordWorld…”

Early Childhood Development – Back to Basics

Through all my research about early childhood development, I have noticed several themes cropping up time and time again.  As a parent, you probably would not have had to do any reading to know this because they are all pretty common sense stuff.  However, as common sense as it is, sometimes, it still gets lostContinue reading “Early Childhood Development – Back to Basics”

Early Childhood Education: The Power of the Letter "S"

The problem with exposing your child to lots of different early development programs is that you never know which ones are working for you and which ones aren’t.  Then again, when you’ve only got the one child (or two), the idea is to exposed him to as much as you can possibly get your handsContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: The Power of the Letter "S"”

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