Sight and Sounds: Ipswich Rail Museum

I know I promised to write about our adventures in Brisbane so here we go… Ipswich Rail Museum If you have a child that is mad about train, you can’t miss this one… Unfortunately for us, by the time we visited, Aristotle was over his Thomas the Tank Engine craze. Even if your child isn’t nutsContinue reading “Sight and Sounds: Ipswich Rail Museum”

Toddler Apps: Zoo Train

Hercules has been nuts about alphabet trains lately and he stumbled on this one while we were searching for alphabet train songs on Youtube. There are actually quite a number of gems in there if you look around – one of Hercules’ favourites is Shawn the Train by Coilbook. KidsTV123 is another of our favourite channels.Continue reading “Toddler Apps: Zoo Train”

Programs: Dinosaur Train by Jim Henson

Recently, a friend told me about a new DVD series called Dinosaur Train by PBS. It’s a cute series that teaches children about dinosaurs and trains and a winning combination for Gavin who’s into trains and dinosaurs! Here’s a brief description about the series: Dinosaur Train embraces and celebrates the fascination that preschoolers have withContinue reading “Programs: Dinosaur Train by Jim Henson”

Thomas Fans, Eat Your Heart Out!

Got the link to this video from my friends ST and SM.  It shows a rather extensive Thomas and Friends Motor Road and Rail train set.  All I can say is that boy is one very lucky kid.  I don’t think we even have a room big enough to house a train set that large. Continue reading “Thomas Fans, Eat Your Heart Out!”

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