Night Time Potty Training

Potty training or toilet training – for us, it’s the same. We’ve never really used a potty except for a couple of trials and decided it wasn’t working for us so it’s always been the toilet. Aristotle has been toilet trained during the day time for a long time. After all our experiences with toiletContinue reading “Night Time Potty Training”

Baby No. 2: Cloth Diapers and Elimination Communication

When Gavin was a baby, I used Mommy’s Touch diapers during the day when we were at home, and Mamy Poko diapers while we were out and overnight.  I also practiced partial EC (elimination communication) with him.  By about 7 months, we were consistently pooped trained and occasionally catching his pee in the toilet.  AlthoughContinue reading “Baby No. 2: Cloth Diapers and Elimination Communication”

Happy Heiny's Pull-Up Diapers for Overnight

I’ve been sleeping like the dead overnight and haven’t been getting up to take Gavin to the toilet.  Gavin’s still sleeping through the night without waking up to pee even if he’s completely soaked through the diaper.  In fact, once when I woke him to change his clothes after he was soaked through, he protestedContinue reading “Happy Heiny's Pull-Up Diapers for Overnight”

Toddler Development: Night Time Potty Training

With Gavin effectively potty trained during the day time, I figured it was time to work on the night time potty training.  He seemed ready for it – he can pull down his pants, put them back on again, and he can go to the toilet by himself.  He sleeps on the bed with usContinue reading “Toddler Development: Night Time Potty Training”

Review: Cloth Pull-Up Diapers

With Gavin’s on-off potty training progress, I decided to buy him some cloth diaper pull-ups last year before I delivered Gareth.  To be honest, I was expecting him to regress even further once Gareth was born, though I’m glad to say that he’s faring quite well so far.  I bought him 3 Happy Heiny’s pocketContinue reading “Review: Cloth Pull-Up Diapers”

Baby Rooms and Nursing on the Go

Now that I have another baby, I have been on the alert for more baby rooms again.  I’m glad to say that facilities have improved enormously since my days of nursing Gavin in shopping mall baby rooms… 1. BSC now has three nursing rooms Mothercare on level 2, east wing Level 3, west wing LevelContinue reading “Baby Rooms and Nursing on the Go”

Toddler Potty Training: Progress or Lack Thereof

After months and months, we seem to have made very little progress.  We’re still diapering Gavin at night and when we go out because he usually tells me he needs to pee at the point when he has to go NOW!  For that reason I bought him cloth pull up diapers so we can beContinue reading “Toddler Potty Training: Progress or Lack Thereof”

Green Living: Cloth Diaper Pull-Ups

Since I was going green with the new baby, I figured it was time to start doing the same with Gavin. Although he is partially toilet trained during the day, I think it will be quite a while before we get him fully trained overnight. Even now he still pees in his sleep while napping.Continue reading “Green Living: Cloth Diaper Pull-Ups”

Toilet Training Tips for First Time Parents

Getting a child out of diapers is probably one of the most dreaded tasks of being a parent.  Unfortunately it is a task that must be done – eventually.  The question is: when and how? Just as there are no two ways to skin a cat, there are plenty of theories on potty training andContinue reading “Toilet Training Tips for First Time Parents”

Potty Training on the Go

After the little bout of toilet training regression that coincided with the beginning of school, Gavin seems to be back on track with his toilet training progress. Aside from a few “accidents” that usually result when we’ve got visitors and Gavin cannot bear to tear himself away from the excitement, he has generally been ableContinue reading “Potty Training on the Go”

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