Toddler Development: Parallel Play?

According to developmental milestone charts, toddlers aged 3 generally engage in parallel play.  Well, I’d like to question this one because last year my friend and I witnessed Gavin (2 years 10 months) and his godbrother, D, (2 years) collaborating to get a toy that was placed out of their reach.  The two of themContinue reading “Toddler Development: Parallel Play?”

Toddler Activities: Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencils

Since Gavin’s been on holidays, he’s been very bored cooped up indoors with Gareth and me.  With Gareth being a high needs baby, I haven’t really been able to devote a lot of time to Gavin.  My ILs have been really great taking Gavin out at every chance they get just to offer him someContinue reading “Toddler Activities: Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencils”

Toddler Discipline: The Fine Art of Balance

When it comes to toddler discipline, I’ve discovered that there is a fine art to balancing it just right.  Ironically, some of the most annoying things that Gavin can come up with don’t necessarily translate to something bad.  Sure they push all my buttons and it sometimes requires all the self-control I have within meContinue reading “Toddler Discipline: The Fine Art of Balance”

Toddler Behaviour: Devious Little Minds

I have always wanted Gavin to learn how to think outside the box.  I believe it is important that he learns how to deal with problems creatively and have always encouraged him to try to solve a problem even if he cannot find a solution immediately.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work.  More often than not,Continue reading “Toddler Behaviour: Devious Little Minds”

Toddlers: When You Need to Read Between the Lines

When what he says isn’t necessarily what he means…  Gosh!  This almost sounds like the beginning of an article about understanding men – but no, we’re talking about toddlers here… Since Gavin was little, I have discovered that there is sometimes a need to read between the lines when Gavin throws a tantrum. For instance,Continue reading “Toddlers: When You Need to Read Between the Lines”

Preschool Regressions – Round 2

They warned me it would happen.  Nevertheless, I was quite unprepared for it.  After enjoying several weeks of excellent compliance with regards to attending school, Gavin went into regression in the worst possible way.  Granted it happened after two weeks absence from school – one week due to school holidays and one week because heContinue reading “Preschool Regressions – Round 2”

The Question of Sending a Toddler to School – Part 2

It probably seems ironic for me to write this since I did pack my two and half year old toddler off to preschool, but nevertheless, I think it must be said. Despite the fact that I did send him to school, I have been questioning myself whether I did the right thing. I have alsoContinue reading “The Question of Sending a Toddler to School – Part 2”

Learning to Read with Flash Cards

Up until now, I haven’t really known whether the method of learning by flash cards have really been working for Gavin.  Nevertheless, I’ve continued with it in the hope that he would pick up something – anything.  I haven’t been quite as diligent with it as I had initially intended, but we do run throughContinue reading “Learning to Read with Flash Cards”

Thomas and Friends: A Circus Comes to Town – Live in Singapore!

Yesterday, my friend SM told me about a live performance of Thomas and Friends that would be screening in Singapore soon.  Being a mother of an avid Thomas fan, I decided to Google it to see what it was all about… Apparently, from December 4-6, there will be a live performance of Thomas and FriendsContinue reading “Thomas and Friends: A Circus Comes to Town – Live in Singapore!”

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