Teaching Values with Thomas and Friends

I’d been trying to find story books to help me teach Gavin about values when it occurred to me that the best character to teach Gavin about values is Thomas.  If I thought Gavin was crazy about Thomas when he was little, he has gone into a whole different level of madness that borders onContinue reading “Teaching Values with Thomas and Friends”

New Thomas and Friends Stories on Audible

When Gavin was younger, finding a way to keep his occupied and distracted in the car so he wouldn’t fuss or make a nuisance of himself in the car was always a challenge…  Until I discovered Thomas and Friends audiobooks.  They work so well with Gavin that I highly recommend it.  It doesn’t have toContinue reading “New Thomas and Friends Stories on Audible”

Birthday Party Themes: Thomas the Tank Engine

As a mother of a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine, I was simply blown away when I saw the effort that my Canadian friend put into organising her son’s 3rd birthday party.  Evan, whom you should already have guessed, is also a huge fan of Thomas and clearly one very lucky boy… I doubtContinue reading “Birthday Party Themes: Thomas the Tank Engine”

Thomas Fans, Eat Your Heart Out!

Got the link to this video from my friends ST and SM.  It shows a rather extensive Thomas and Friends Motor Road and Rail train set.  All I can say is that boy is one very lucky kid.  I don’t think we even have a room big enough to house a train set that large. Continue reading “Thomas Fans, Eat Your Heart Out!”

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