I Think, I Thought, I Thunk

I learned a new word today – “thunk”. It is but not really related to the past tense for the word “think”. I’ve seen it floating around our school news letters but I didn’t really dig into the significance of it until today. So what’s a “thunk”? Define: Thunk A thunk is an unusual questionContinue reading “I Think, I Thought, I Thunk”

Resources: Critical Thinking and Reasoning Skills

Knowing how to think is not a given. Children need to be taught how to think critically, logically and with reason. This is because being intelligent and knowing how to think are not the same thing. The problem is called dysrationalia – the inability to think and behave rationally despite having adequate intelligence. Why isContinue reading “Resources: Critical Thinking and Reasoning Skills”

Dysrationalia: Why Children Need to be Taught Thinking Skills

Some time back, I wrote about Edward de Bono’s book – Teach Your Child How to Think – and why it is important to teach children how to think (please note that teaching a child how to think is not the same as teaching a child what to think). Recently, I stumbled a new concept called Dysrationalia which isContinue reading “Dysrationalia: Why Children Need to be Taught Thinking Skills”

BambinoLUK Complete Early Learning Set

BambinoLUK is a play and learn system to reinforce early childhood developmental skills such as visual perception, memory and concentration, critical thinking, beginning math, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, self-esteem, and everyday knowledge. It features an easy to use 6-tile controller with self-checking design and a series of well illustrated workbooks focusing on various developmentalContinue reading “BambinoLUK Complete Early Learning Set”

Book Overview: Teach Your Child How to Think – Edward de Bono

Teach Your Child How to Think is another one of those books I picked up on a whim at the bookshop and ended up buying on the spur of the moment. It almost seems as though all my book purchases are made that way these days since I have half an eye on my toddlerContinue reading “Book Overview: Teach Your Child How to Think – Edward de Bono”

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