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Sights and Sounds on the Sunshine Coast

Ever since Aristotle was little, I have always believed that the best way for children to learn is through first hand experience. Young children are always taking in all the new sights and sounds from the environment around them so I wanted my boys to experience as many fun and interesting new sights as possible.Continue reading “Sights and Sounds on the Sunshine Coast”

Sights and Sounds: PetroSains Discovery Center

Here are the photos from our visit to the PetroSains Discovery Center… The tour begins with a short ride in a capsule: Gavin found it a little alarming at first and wanted to get out because we ascended into darkness, but after a while he found it pretty interesting. SM and M in the seatsContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: PetroSains Discovery Center”

Sights and Sounds: DinoTrek Exhibition in KLCC

On Tuesday, Gavin and I visited the DinoTrek exhibition at KLCC with SM and M.  We bought tickets to see the PetroSains Discovery Center and the DinoTrek exhibition but in hindsight, it might have been better to tackle each on separate days.  The PetroSains Discovery Center was a lot larger than I had anticipated, butContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: DinoTrek Exhibition in KLCC”

Sights and Sounds: The Bird Park

I took Gavin to visit the Bird Park on Wednesday with SM and M.  It was the first of our play-date cum home-school excursions together.  From the looks of it, the boys enjoyed themselves and we’re planning to schedule more activities. Entry into the bird park cost me RM15, while Gavin went in free ofContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: The Bird Park”

Sights and Sounds: Butterfly Park – Taman Rama Rama

I was planning to take Gavin to see the Dino Trek exhibition at KLCC only to discover that it was closed on Mondays.  The closest we got to the dinosaurs were the two exhibits they had on display at the entrance. It was the second time that we were attempting to view the dinosaur exhibitContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: Butterfly Park – Taman Rama Rama”

Sights and Sounds: Immunoland at 1Utama

I took Gavin to visit Immunoland at 1Utama yesterday.  I’d heard read about it in the Star events update but was mislead into thinking it was a single day event.  Well, it did seem strange that they would host the event for only one day and choose the middle of the week to do it. Continue reading “Sights and Sounds: Immunoland at 1Utama”