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Pirate Themed Learning for Pirates Day!

Arr me hearties! It’s Pirate Day 19th September! Let’s get into the spirit and celebrate with these¬†easy and creative pirate ideas! If you have a child that loves pirate themes, this will also be perfect for your family any time… Pirate Treasure Hunt Ready for some pirate fun over the weekend? Send your kids onContinue reading “Pirate Themed Learning for Pirates Day!”

Birthday Party Themes: Despicable Me Minions – Happy Birthday Hercules!

Hercules is 4 years old… I really thought we were done with parties after our last Jurassic Themed party for Aristotle. I was thinking of a small family dinner with a cake-cutting session and “ang pows” (Chinese red packets with money in them) for presents. Evidently, I was deluding myself. I really hate planning partiesContinue reading “Birthday Party Themes: Despicable Me Minions – Happy Birthday Hercules!”

Birthday Party Themes: Jurassic Park Dinosaurs – Happy Birthday Aristotle!

It was Aristotle’s birthday recently. We had it at the same jungle gym as we did for Hercules. One of the ironies of being a parent is that you find yourself breaking every promise you made before you had children. One of those promises was – no birthday parties at jungle gyms. Now both boysContinue reading “Birthday Party Themes: Jurassic Park Dinosaurs – Happy Birthday Aristotle!”