Children’s Eye Care: Testing for Hyperopia

When Aristotle was 3 years old, we had him tested for Amblyopia¬†(better known as “lazy eye”). So now that Hercules is 3 years old, we figured it was time for him to get an eye check up as well. Since hubby has Hyperopia (better known as “long sightedness”) and Amblyopia, and I have Myopia (“shortContinue reading “Children’s Eye Care: Testing for Hyperopia”

Early Childhood Development: Focus on Input, Input, Input

If you have read any of Doman’s work on early childhood education, you will be familiar with his strong recommendations not to “test” children on what they have learned. If you aren’t familiar, what Doman says is essentially this: children hate to be tested and it is the quickest way to put them off learning.Continue reading “Early Childhood Development: Focus on Input, Input, Input”

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