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Raising and Educating a Child is a Team Effort

Some time back, I saw a humorous comic about the relationship between the parent, teacher and child/student and I laughed because it was so true. And then I sobered up because it really wasn’t that funny. In fact, it’s a bit of a concern… Having friends in the education industry, I wanted to share whatContinue reading “Raising and Educating a Child is a Team Effort”

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

It’s teacher appreciation week from 4 May to 8 May and in its honor, Educents & Peekapak have teamed up to provide your favorite teacher(s) with a gift basket worth over $40, which includes a FREE $10 Educents Gift Card & 3 months of Peekapak lesson plans (3 digital storybooks, 12 in-class lessons & 12Continue reading “It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!”

What Happens When Your Child Doesn't like His Teacher?

Around about Thursday last week, we started to observe some reservations from Gavin about going to school again.  For reasons unknown (although I have my own suspicions which I will write about later), he was a little more teary when I went to pick him up.  The principal explained that Gavin wasn’t keen to joinContinue reading “What Happens When Your Child Doesn't like His Teacher?”