2nd Pregnancy Week 13

Now that we’re into the second trimester, I can definitely feel an improvement in my symptoms – less nausea, and less fatigue.  Another thing I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks is a change in Gavin’s nursing pattern.  Although he still asks to nurse, I’ve notice the nursing time has decreased.  He also asksContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy Week 13”

2nd Pregnancy: Second Visit to the Doctor

We were supposed to see the doctor last week but since he had a few emergencies and was running late, plus Gavin was down with a fever, we rescheduled it to this week.  Now that I am past the 12 week mark, I am officially in my second trimester meaning that I now have aContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy: Second Visit to the Doctor”

Growing Pains and Teething Pains

It’s been a rough few nights, hence very little blogging from me.  Gavin’s teething again – or at least I think he is.  From the very first tooth he ever cut, Gavin appears to have a rather rough time with teething.  He loses his appetite, he gets mildly feverish, and he gets diarrhoea.  The currentContinue reading “Growing Pains and Teething Pains”

2nd Pregnancy Week 11

Note to new readers: I am brutally honest in my weekly pregnancy reports and leave no symptom unmentioned – even the unpleasant ones – so please bear that in mind if you intend to continue reading this post… Okay, so here’s the same old, same old: Morning sickness – check Picky appetite – check FeelingContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy Week 11”

2nd Pregnancy Week 9

Symptoms and developments this week: Cold sensitivity – what I remember most about the last pregnancy was always feeling hot, so it seems a bit strange to be feeling cold these days.  I’m sure it was the same with the last pregnancy, but the memory of it isn’t particularly distinct.  Perhaps also because I wasContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy Week 9”

2nd Pregnancy Week 7

Based on my amateur calculations, I should be at the beginning of the 8th week of my pregnancy.  We should be able to confirm with the doctor on Wednesday what date I really am at. Some text books I remember reading say that the symptoms and experiences of the second pregnancy is usually not asContinue reading “2nd Pregnancy Week 7”

The Ambivalence of Being Pregnant

It looks like being a pregnant Mum the second time around has not made me immune to those silly pregnant fears about how the baby is doing… Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling fairly normal – there were no symptoms of that low grade nausea associated with pregnancy.  Gavin was nursing and my nipples weren’tContinue reading “The Ambivalence of Being Pregnant”

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