Lessons from Suzuki: How to Ignite and Inspire a Child’s Interest

I have been reading Shinichi Suzuki’s book “Ability Development from Age Zero” in preparation for the day when I will start Hercules on the Suzuki Method. I know I’ve been waxing lyrical about the wisdom of Suzuki but truly this man really is all that. Everything he writes is common sense and yet so easilyContinue reading “Lessons from Suzuki: How to Ignite and Inspire a Child’s Interest”

Books: Teaching Suzuki Music – Ability Develop from Age Zero

The Suzuki Method of teaching music is very much like Right Brain Education in that it is more of an educational philosophy rather than a specific method of music instruction. Of course the end result is to teach music, however, the concept behind the Suzuki Method may be applied to the teaching of any otherContinue reading “Books: Teaching Suzuki Music – Ability Develop from Age Zero”

Implementing the Suzuki Method at Home

With so many benefits for learning music and Hercules demonstrating a keen interest in music since he old enough to express an interest, I have decided to implement the Suzuki Method once he is through with the BrillKids Little Musician course. Although we originally contemplated the Suzuki Method for Aristotle, we weren’t able to makeContinue reading “Implementing the Suzuki Method at Home”

Music: The Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method of learning music follows the immersion concept of learning a native language. The Suzuki Method differs from most traditional music schools in two ways: Firstly, children are taught how to play a musical instrument by listening first before they learn to read musical notation (most other music schools focus first on learningContinue reading “Music: The Suzuki Method”

Music Programs for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children

Recently, I was talking to a mother about starting her daughter on a music program. Her daughter is 6 months old and she asked me what program I recommended. To be quite frank, neither of my sons did any music programs that young. The earliest formal music program I tried was Kindermusik with Gavin whenContinue reading “Music Programs for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children”

Talent Education – Time and Commitment and Starting Early

If there is one thing that Suzuki stresses, it is the need to put in the hours to become good at your art. Your child doesn’t need to show early precociousness to be good at music (or sport, or Math, or “insert whatever subject it happens to be”). The most important ingredients are time, commitmentContinue reading “Talent Education – Time and Commitment and Starting Early”

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