Summer Holiday Learning Activities to Support Learning and Development

The Summer holidays are approaching and the kids will be off school for nearly two months! We’ve heard a lot about the Summer Learning Loss that occurs when the kids take these long breaks away from school. To guard against these losses, it’s important to include some Summer holiday learning activities to support your child’s learningContinue reading “Summer Holiday Learning Activities to Support Learning and Development”

101 Amazing Educational Apps and Sites for Home Learning

There has been a lot of controversy over children, technology, and “screen time”. We cannot deny the benefits of technology in education – of which there are many: Khan academy tailors education for the individual Technology allows us to flip classrooms Tablets help children to learn on their own The educational benefits of Minecraft Minecraft education in theContinue reading “101 Amazing Educational Apps and Sites for Home Learning”

Super Supplements for Home Learning Fun

Here are 6 Super Supplements from Educents to add some educational fun to your day! Architecture eCourse This is an online e-course of Beginning Architecture. Watch, learn,and then build! 25+ architecture online lessons provide the early fundamentals of structures, home design, and zoo design. Kids (and families!) love the self-guided courses! Use things like paper,Continue reading “Super Supplements for Home Learning Fun”

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