Boosting Memory – Proprioceptive Activities and Exercise

We’ve heard over and over how exercise and physical activity in general is good for our brains overall: If you only do one thing for your brain, it should be this Sports and physical activity boost brain development and academic performance Recently, we learned that specific physical activities can enhance memory even further, especially whenContinue reading “Boosting Memory – Proprioceptive Activities and Exercise”

Science Says: Best Ways to Study

Learning How Best to Learn The value in understanding the best ways to study is so that our children can learn to “study smart” rather than “study hard”. Instead of spending weeks using an ineffective study method to learn something they will forget in a month, isn’t it better to know how to learn how to study soContinue reading “Science Says: Best Ways to Study”

Early Childhood Education – What’s it Really Worth?

Education in this day and age is expensive. If you want your child to go to a good school, it costs even more – so much so that I often hear parents asking if it is worth it to pay so much for their child’s preschool and whether it would be better to save theContinue reading “Early Childhood Education – What’s it Really Worth?”

Learning Methods: Spaced Learning – Increasing Retention of Information

Continuing on from: Making learning count for our children… Another method of teaching that has been found to increase retention of information learned is Spaced Learning. What is Spaced Learning? Bottom Line Performance explained it very succinctly: Spaced learning is a training technique that involves three 15-20 minute training or learning sessions with two 10-minute breaksContinue reading “Learning Methods: Spaced Learning – Increasing Retention of Information”

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