How to Help Children Develop Spatial Reasoning Skills

Spatial reasoning skills are important. Sure. We know that. They also help children do better in maths. In a recent study, researchers found that babies’ spatial reasoning predicts later math skills: Spatial reasoning measured in infancy predicts how children do at math at four years of age, finds a new study. It provides the earliest documentedContinue reading “How to Help Children Develop Spatial Reasoning Skills”

STEM Maker Workshop: Be a Maker

I’ve been trying to sign G1 up for a STEM Maker Workshop for some time now but the timing never seemed to work out for us until now. The goal has always been to extend his experiences beyond school with activities that add to his schooling experience rather than simply replicate them with more ofContinue reading “STEM Maker Workshop: Be a Maker”

STEM with LEGO: Bricks4Kidz

We are big fans of LEGO not just because it’s great for children’s development but also because it’s fun. LEGO: encourages creative expression develops fine motor skills helps children develop focus builds spatial intelligence fosters the development of ideas LEGO is also a great way to promote STEAM education. Now you can extend your child’s learningContinue reading “STEM with LEGO: Bricks4Kidz”

2015 Brings Exciting Projects for the Hour of Code

It’s the year 2015 and the Hour of Code is more exciting than ever… About the Hour of Code If you have absolutely no idea what the hour of code is, here it is in a nutshell: The Hour of Code is a global movement with a goal of reaching tens of millions of studentsContinue reading “2015 Brings Exciting Projects for the Hour of Code”

Magformers – for Fun, for Creativity, for STEAM Education

It’s a bird! It’s a submarine! No, it’s Magformers!!! This super cool toy promotes fun learning by using geometric shapes to form countless, colorful structures. Kids ages 6 and up can combine triangles, squares, hexagons and pentagons by their magnetic sides to build flowers, stars, cars, spheres, and more! Magformers are not only fun, theyContinue reading “Magformers – for Fun, for Creativity, for STEAM Education”

BP Educational Service – STEM Online Resources

Here’s another good free educational resource on the Internet… About BP Educational Service (BPES) The BP Educational Service (BPES) provides inspiring and engaging resources to support the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Their goal is to bring to life the topics that young people learn in the classroom by providing real-world examples, challenges andContinue reading “BP Educational Service – STEM Online Resources”

Extra-Curricular Activities: STEM – Explore Simple Machines

I was very excited to discover this program. Explore Simple Machines is reminiscent of Quest2Learn and it may be one of the closest programs we have currently have to having something like that here… Simple Machines commences 9th May 2015. Classes are held on Saturday from 10 to 11:30am. Age group: 7-10yrs. The children’s final project isContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: STEM – Explore Simple Machines”

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