Star Wars Science: Are You Jedi or Sith?

This is a fun and easy science experiment to do with the kids… Star Wars Mini Lightsaber: Dark Side Detector The boys received this cool toy for Christmas when they were in full Star Wars frenzy. After assembling the lightsaber, you can turn on the lightsaber by pressing a button. As the story goes… theContinue reading “Star Wars Science: Are You Jedi or Sith?”

Dress Up: Luke Skywalker Costume

This is probably one of our simplest costumes to date. G1 was invited to a Star Wars dress up party and his character of choice was Luke Skywalker. So here’s our interpretation of a Luke Skywalker costume… Luke Skywalker Costume There are a variety of outfits for Luke Skywalker we could have gone for, dependingContinue reading “Dress Up: Luke Skywalker Costume”

Mindset Lessons from Star Wars

Star Wars is one of Aristotle’s favourite shows. I love it because the “way of the Jedi” offers so many terrific teaching opportunities on developing the growth mindset and character development. Take, for example, the following dialogue between Luke Skywalker (our hero) and Yoda (his master)… Luke Skywalker: Master, moving stones around is one thing.Continue reading “Mindset Lessons from Star Wars”

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